The Moon Cycles

Rays Of Wisdom - The Astro Files - Special Events - The Moon CyclesOne Moon cycle lasts approx. twenty-nine and a half days. At the end of each one of these periods a conjunction of Sun and Moon takes place in the Heavens. This is seen on the Earth as the New Moon. The expression ‘the Heavens’ is a symbolism for the abstract, i.e. invisible to earthly eyes, masculine aspect of the highest force of Creation, the Father or God.

Mother Earth is a physical manifestation of His counterpart, the Goddess, the great Mother of all life who is the feminine aspect of the Divine Trinity. The ancients thought of each New Moon as a consummation of the marriage between the energies of the Sun and the Moon, Heaven and Earth, from which the Moon is newly born. Each new Moon invariably signals a period of rebirth and new beginnings for all life on our planet. If you are planning to get a new project off the ground, this is the best time for doing so.

Although this does not guarantee success, if a venture is meant to go ahead and is launched at the time of the New Moon, it will do so with a great deal more vim and vigour than at other times, because the supply of energies available in earthly life has been renewed and is fresh once more. If you watch out for this in future, you may notice that in the run-up to each New Moon, it sometimes feels as if you were trying to wade through molasses. No matter how hard you try and push, nothing will move. Wise ones who notice this wait for the next New Moon, because they know that a very special kind of magic is at work under whose influence things start moving again, sometimes with breathtaking speed.

Whenever the Sun and the Moon are in opposition to each other in the sky, a full Moon lights up our world at night and the time has come for giving thanks for everything that is and ever has been in our lives. The time around the full Moon is also an occasion for finding enlightenment. But what exactly is that? Spiritually, not knowing is darkness and knowledge is light. Each time we find the answer to one of our questions, another ray of the light of knowledge penetrates our inner darkness and disperses a bit more of it. That is how, with the passing of time, step by step our whole consciousness fills ever more with the light of understanding.

This hardly ever happens through majestic earth-shattering and world-changing flashes of inspiration, like the main one of the Buddha legend. Yet, if in future you watch out when a full Moon lights up the darkness of our nightly world – there’s much meaning in that, come to think of it – you may notice that sometimes you suddenly understand the causes behind difficult life situations and relationships. Insights could dawn inside you that will somehow make things more bearable and you may also get a better idea of what to do about them.

It is possible to help things along. Whenever you encounter circumstances in your life that are puzzling you and are hard to resolve, ask your inner teacher, the wise one within, the Moon, the Universe – whichever appeals to you most. The answers are sure to come, sometimes when you least expect them. To ensure that you are ready to receive them, set aside regular times for quiet reflections, contemplations and meditations.

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