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Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Life Is Good - All Life Is GodThere is no life outside God. God is life – not only the part of life that at present we perceive as good, but everything. Experiences that are generally considered to be bad come to us and our world for good reason. They are intended to teach us the difference between good and evil. Only after having learnt the intended lessons, individually and as a race, shall we be set free to experience what it is like to look at our world through God’s eyes with love and compassion. When we finally grasp that any bad that still is in our world has its place as much as the good, we are capable of appreciating that in the end, even the most evil experiences will eventually lead us and our world back to the state where all is good. Each one of us has come to do their share of getting us there.

All qualities and characteristics that are in God are also in us. That which is good, right and beautiful, sacred and holy is the higher evolved part and everything that to this day is ugly and evil in us and our world represents its lower unevolved counterpart. Spiritually, knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness. In the course of many lifetimes, every human being eventually develops into a healer and lightbringer. The task of every aspiring one is incessantly striving to bring forth and develop their own higher or Christ nature while leaving behind the desires and urges of our lower earthly self. The further we proceed on the higher part of our pathway, the more easily they die on the cross of earthly life.

That’s how, with the passing of time, every one of us brings forth from deep within their own being the highest, noblest and best that is in God and therefore, at least potentially, in us. For a long time they merely exist in seedform, but when the right time for it has come, the higher aspect of everybody’s nature awakes from its slumbering state. Slowly but surely, we then begin to approach our life and the people in it with more kindness and goodness, compassion and love. We develop respect for our own needs and wishes and for everything in the world around us. Through constantly practising truth and honesty, integrity and loyalty – in short, all those qualities that humankind always has striven for and considered best, we make them our own.

It is a good life that God has created for us and, when looked at from the spiritual perspective, there is no such thing as a loser. Irrespective of what may ever happen to us, so long as we learn something from our experiences, we are sure to gain and therefore qualify to be called a winner. After all, learning is what this life is all about and that is why it is constantly presenting each one of us with tests and trials with ever varying degrees of difficulties. As mentioned before, Earth life is a place of learning in which life itself at all times is our school that provides us with the teachers we require at any given moment. The spiritual practises of those who are already awake to the truth that we are all in this life together to find healing and through this evolve into a healer and lightbringer, each in their our own right. The more we tune into the demands and needs of our own soul, the soul of those around us and that of the collective, the more easily this comes about. And that’s how, with the help of God and the Angels, anything that is in need of healing in due course finds it.

All the knowledge that was ever gathered by anyone is now stored in the memory bank of our collective soul and can therefore be accessed by everybody. Just think, beloved friends, it belongs to all of us and as promised by the Jesus legend: ‘The truth will set you free!’ Are you aware that in reality no-one can teach us anything, except we ourselves? And what after all is a healer if not a teacher? But please do not allow this to put you off. All that is required from us is that with the help of our Highest Self we lead those in need to the threshold of their own understanding.

When they in this way regain access to their in-tuition, i.e. their inner teacher or Guru, this part takes over and provides them, from the depth of their own innermost being, with the answers to all the questions they may ever care to ask. This is the meaning of working with God and the Angels, which does not do away with our obligation for providing loving support for those around us. During the times of our struggles at overcoming our deepest innermost fears, most of all that of death, the future and the unknown, they are there waiting to be called upon for their loving support and protection.

What a mind-boggling concept that all knowledge is in God and that, once we are fully re-connected with our Source, we too shall have access to it! Just imagine, this means everything that anyone ever learnt, since the beginning of our world and all worlds, and everything that has been gathered through all the beings that ever existed, in many lifetimes and many worlds, will eventually be at our disposal. It is highly probable that there have been many Universes before this one and that there will be many more, long after humankind has outgrown requiring Mother Earth as its training ground.

Just imagine! Every bit of that wonderful knowledge is also in us and I do not think there is any need for being afraid of it. Our race will have to evolve a great deal more, before any of us will be allowed full access. First we shall have to prove that we have grown into disciplined, responsible and spiritually mature beings, who are likely to be able to handle God’s wisdom in the right way, i.e. never for selfish purposes and only ever for the benefit of the whole. Considering how little wisdom even those among us who are thought of as wise have so far, it is not hard to see why Divine wisdom has been carefully protecting Its children of Earth against finding too much knowledge, too early on.


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