Numerological Interpretation Of A Year - Part One

Rays of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files - An Excursion Into Numerolog - Numerological Interpretation Of A YearAs an example of how the nature of a year can be analysed with the help of numerology, here is my interpretation of the year 2008. It is an analysis of the energies that were at that time influencing us and our world, as well as a reflection of how, in my view, the energies of each subsequent year are likely to affect all of us. I am adding a few tips as to how they might be used wisely, in the hope of achieving the best results for each one of us individually as well as our whole world.

The of the year 2008 represent, in the order of their appearance: 2 = the Moon, the planetary ruler of the Water sign Cancer, the sign of the nurturing and caring principle of life, the Great Mother. 00, the two zeros represent two circles of eternity as a double strength manifestation of our world’s present attunement to the Eternal. 8 = Saturn, the planetary ruler of the Earth sign Capricorn, old Father Time himself. The presence of the eight in this year indicates that it is likely that many tests and trials, delays and frustrations have to be encountered by all of us and that for a wise and higher reason. They are going to assist us with developing the self-discipline we need to reach for and fulfil our highest potential. The self-mastery of wise ones, who willingly accept Saturn’s teachings and who express their creativity in constructive and positive ways for the highest good of all, reach their goal easily.  More about Saturn’s influence in part two of my interpretation of 2008.

Let’s return to numerology. When you add the 2 and the 8 together, you get a 10. To my mind, that is a fortunate omen, as the one is ruled by the Sun itself. This means that this year is going to be the beginning of a whole new cycle of experiences for each one of us and also for our world. Those who use the energies the Universe puts at our disposal wisely are going to walk under the guidance and protection of the Sun, the Highest Star. And the Angels and Masters in charge of us and our world are waiting to show all of us how to make great strides forward in the spiritual homecoming, individually and collectively, of the Aquarian Age.

The blending together of the energies of the numbers two, eight, a double dose of zero, as well as the one, to me, mean:
2 = the great sensitivity and creativity of the Moon, symbol of the human soul and the sensitive feminine feeling side of both genders. The Moon also represents the Goddess, the Great Mother of all Life. The feminine is passive, receptive and introverted; its polar opposite, the masculine, is active, outgoing and extroverted. You can find out more about this in ‘The Qualities Of The Signs’.

00 – two circles of Eternity, hence a double attunement to it.

8 = Saturn, the symbol of the aspect of God as the stern teacher and taskmaster, who demands from all human souls that they self-discipline and self-mastery. Where Saturn is involved, everything has to be just right; ‘i’s have to be dotted and ‘t’s crossed, anything less is not good enough.

Ah, but there is more to the eight than meets the eye! Lay it on its side and what do you get? The ∞, the symbol of infinity, of life and worlds without beginning and end, ever flowing into each other and renewing themselves. And that brings us and our world yet another reinforcement of our attunement to the Eternal.

10 = 1 = the Sun, planetary ruler of the Fire sign Leo, which is the symbol of the Highest Star and the greatest light in the Universe, the Universal Christ.

The Sun and the Moon represent the first and second aspect of Divinity. This is not to be interpreted as some kind of a classification or preferential order. There is no division between the two parts. They are completely one and function harmoniously together to constantly bring forth a third, their child in all its many manifestations throughout the whole of Creation. Read more about this in ‘The Holy Trinity’.

But wait! The 10 contains yet another zero that almost got away at the time of writing this interpretation. Therefore, there is a third attunement to eternity that is strengthening the energies of the two zeroes mentioned earlier.

To reiterate, the coming together of the Moon and Saturn is an indication that, throughout the whole of the year 2008, the Universe will be trying to present all of us with many opportunities for achieving the self-mastery that is Saturn’s requirement. Those who ungrudgingly accept this shall find many openings for learning to take charge of and controlling their emotional nature. It seems to me that this will be very necessary when the energies of the 2 Moon and 8 Saturn join forces and become the energies of the 1, the Sun. Through this immense amounts of creative energies of great strength will be released and flow directly from the Highest into us and everything that shares our world with us.

As energies of this nature are extremely precious, they require cautious handling and channelling. There is nothing for it but turning towards God and the Angels, so they can show us how to use and express the forces that are going to be released in truly positive ways and on projects that serve the highest good of all. The only way of creating things that are not only of great value for us and our world, but for the whole of Creation, is through unselfishness and self-mastery. And the presence of the eight, Saturn’s number, is an indication that this is going to be available to us all during the coming year.

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