The Summer Solstice

Rays Of Wisdom - The Stargazer's Astro Files - The Summer SolsticeOn the 20th June 2016 the Sun moves into Cancer, the sign of the Great Mother of all life and mothering and nurturing aspects of life. This is the day of the Summer Solstice, which this year takes place almost simultaneously with the full Moon in Gemini. As the two events are not quite twelve hours apart, we and our world are going to receive a double dose of the Universal energies. First are those of the Universal Christ, the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother, to be followed shortly after by those of the Great Mother’s, both of whom came into being from the Great Father’s love. Read more about this theme ‘When Creation Was Began – A Tale For The Aquarian Age’.

Ever since human life on the Earth plane began spiritual wisdom and knowledge have constantly been flowing into the collective consciousness of our world from the highest level of life. Each one of us being a spark of the Divine and a child of the Highest, the Angels with their Divine energies have always been with us – they have never forsaken us or gone from us. And the deeper we move into the Aquarian Age the more powerful their influence is going to be felt on our planet.

Around the time of the full Moon in Taurus and in Gemini and also the period leading up to and beyond the summer solstice, when the Sun moves into Cancer, particularly powerful outpourings of the Universal Christ’s blessing and healing energies are flowing into each one of us and our whole world. This also happens around the time of the winter solstice, when the Sun enters Capricorn, Cancer’s opposite sign. In the build-up to both solstices, from day to day, the beneficial influence of the Christ energies can be felt more strongly and this continues for quite some time after.

Great cosmic events of this nature create many opportunities for aspiring healers and lightbringers to act as channels of the Christ Light. As soon as we have become sufficiently evolved, all of us are required to give of our spiritual light, i.e. the wisdom and understanding we have found and still are finding along the highways and byways of our own life, to those around us who are in need of it. In this way each one of us eventually has to do their share of dispersing ever more of the dark clouds of spiritual ignorance that to this day is troubling our world.

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