The Sun

The Sun in our birthcharts shows in which direction our spirit and soul’s Highest Self and inner Spirit will be pulling us throughout the whole course of our present lifetime. The Sun’s sign and house position provide pointers to our main life lessons, as well as the qualities that are waiting to be integrated into our character on our soul’s slow and gradual way back into the wholeness and perfection that is in God. As a spark and an integral part of the Great Light, the spiritual Sun beyond the Sun in the sky above us, each one is a soul dedicated to a pathway of evolution. At all times, the Great Spirit inexorably draws each one of us forwards and upwards, inviting and calling us to come home and be at one with it again, the way all human souls once were.

While all this is happening, the Moon is trying to do its best to hold us back in the past. To avoid remaining trapped in matter overlong, it is essential that we learn to respond as much as possible to the guidance we constantly receive from within our own hearts, where our inner Sun and teacher dwells. The ongoing struggle, friction and disharmony of past ages between the two parts, represented by the Sun and the Moon, were painful for the individual and the collective soul of our world. This has resulted in great soul growth, so that at long last humankind has reached the evolutionary level when harmony between within and without, conscious and subconscious is meant to be worked on and established by us.

It is up to us to each one of us personally to make every effort to look back as little as possible, so that we may move forward, the way the living spirit within tells us to do. As one becomes more aware of oneself and one’s inner motivations, it is important to always bear in mind that everything we find within that is not to our liking can be and indeed is meant to be changed, by us. That is our task if we wish to make the spiritual progress that is potentially ours, for this lifetime. We are here to learn to rise above all inner obstacles and to overcome the problems we ourselves have created during this lifetime and many before. Because this is extremely difficult, it is every soul’s birthright to call for the help of God and the Angels. This, however, will and cannot come on its own, but has to be asked for. Whichever way one turns, can you see how the greatest tool any soul can wish for on its journey through life is awareness. Truly, it is the key to unlock all doors – especially the inner ones.

The human spirit, as part of the Great Spirit, is enterprising and inquisitive, forward looking and thirsting for new learning, fresh experiences and wider horizons. As in contrast to this, the earthly personality is afraid of the unknown and the future, it tends to dislike changes and cling to the past. To help the spirit to grow and expand in consciousness, it must first become aware of itself. This it does through experiencing itself and the world around it, by learning about both of them. The spirit is a small spark of the Great Father of all life; its nature therefore is masculine.

The duty of every spark of the Divine is to evolve and grow, but it cannot do this on its own. Every spirit requires a feminine counterpart, a soul. In women and men alike the soul is the sensitive feeling side through which we experience and learn about ourselves and life, and in which all the memories of all our lifetimes are stored. Thus is comes about that slowly, in the course of many lifetimes, the human spirit begins to grow itself a world of feelings and becomes ensouled. The soul’s first impressions go back to the moment of spirit’s release from the Source, its true home and the oneness with God.

This state is known to humankind as Paradise and it is the true reason why human souls prefer to gaze back rather than forward. It looks at its present home and cannot help weeping and mourning for the one it lost. I know from first hand experience that when the poor earthly personality feels homesick, it may take an exceedingly long time until it can recognise that such feelings come from its soul and that in truth they are pointers in the direction of its real home.

Thus, for a long time the different parts struggle against each other.  And when the going gets tough, as it frequently does in Earth life, the personality – the ego, the small self – may feel a great longing to return to its parents. For as long as it lacks the awareness that its true needs are those of its soul, the two parts will continue to pull in opposite directions, busily creating ever more stress and suffering for each other. Meanwhile, the spirit stands by and rejoices, because it knows that this is the only way all parts together can find their way back home again. Although this may seem cruel, it is not; it is merely wise.

The greatest paradox of each one of our earthly sojourns always has been that our spirit and soul can only hope to get back into our true home by re-discovering and acting upon our true nature. Human progress, individually and as a race, has only ever been possible through steadfastly going forwards, without too much looking back. Responding to the pull of the Moon and the past is sure to get us nowhere. It may take our earthly self a very long time until we finally understand that the Moon’s pull has to be counteracted by following the Sun and by looking forward and moving towards the future. No matter what befalls us, in truth there is but one option for everybody and that is feet firmly planted on the Earth, whilst keeping heart, mind and inner gaze firmly fixed upon the Highest Star and Its aspirations.

By the way, there’s a great deal more to the Sun sign than meets the eye, the same as always with astrology. If for example we were born on the cusp of Sagittarius/Capricorn, we shall not remain the same person throughout the rest of our present lifetime. Let me explain why this should be so. By progression our Sun moves forward one degree per year. Each sign has 30 degrees. This means that although you may have been born – say – into the 1st degree of Capricorn, by the time you reach age 29 your energies and outlook would be changing very profoundly, namely from cardinal Earth into fixed Air, Aquarius. The next 30 years you would be mostly under the influence of the energies of this sign, then you would be going through the changes from fixed Air into mutable Water, Pisces. And so on and so forth. Each time these changes happen, they do not occur like the flicking on of a switch, but gradually and imperceptibly in the course of several years. If you pay attention to these changes in your own life, you will be able to watch how it changes and the way it will continue to do so in the future.

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