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Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Earth Life Is A SchoolSpiritually, not knowing and understanding is darkness. Light begins to come to us steadily and constantly as soon as we make it our business to find out about something. As pointed out in the introduction, Earth life is a place of learning, a school, where every so often we spend brief spells. Even if a lifetime lasts one hundred years and more, it is still but the batting of an eyelid in terms of Eternity. We are in this life to evolve into enlightened beings, healers and lightbringers to our world, each in their own right. We are sparks of the Divine, immortal and eternal beings who cannot die. The essence of our nature is spirit and soul and our true home is the spirit world. Each one of us needs to build for themselves an inner bridge that connects us with our other world.

I believe that for as long as we fail to grasp that our earthly existence is but a temporary state and a passing developmental phase, we shall be unable to shed our fear of death once and for all. Most of those who went there before us still had to wrestle with their fear of death because they did not know any better. But I do hope and pray that, when your time and mine for moving on has come, we shall be able to do so with joy and untouched by fear. It’s good to know that our loved ones who are already there do not love us any less than they ever did. On the contrary, their appreciation for us is likely to have grown stronger, purer and wiser now that they are once again looking at life through the eyes of their spirit self, the essence of their being.

When we have reached the other side of the veil of consciousness that separates our two worlds, we have a much clearer perception of our own inner beauty and qualities as well as those of others. This makes it easy for us to forgive the relationship struggles we had with some of the people we left behind. We now understand that all relationship problems are no more than lessons that are designed to help the parties involved to bring forth and develop the characteristics of their higher Christ nature. The awareness of this makes reaching out and forgiving quite a natural reaction. The knowledge of this is helpful in the case of longstanding family feuds and disputes that have been carried forward from one generation to the next, forever in the hope of one day being able to resolve them. Every new lifetime presents us with fresh opportunities for doing just that.

With a renewed understanding that there is no death, spiritually it is never too late for making peace with anyone and a new beginning. When both parties involved have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level, it is still possible for them to reach out for each other with love and forgiveness in their hearts, asking God and the Angels to assist with the peacemaking and healing process of some of humankind’s most ancient wounds.

The law of life is evolution and all life is constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, and that on many different levels. Each one of us is a many faceted jewel that is unique and very special. Within us we carry great treasures, but many of them have to remain hidden from our own view for a very long time. But eventually our development reaches the point when we begin to become aware of them one and one small step after another get in touch with and unearth them.

Although on the surface of life our existence appears to be something very permanent and real, sooner or later we have to come to terms with the fact that each lifetime is a but a passing phase and a temporary condition, and that whatever we believe to be ours in material terms, even our physical body, is transient and borrowed. The only thing we truly own is our consciousness. Everything else has to be handed back as soon as the purpose of our present lifetime has been fulfilled. Only then do we move on, no matter how old or young our present physical body may be at the time of our passing.

When with the passing of time ever more of us understand and accept these concepts, vast amounts of unnecessary struggling and suffering will vanish from our world, as if by some kind of magic. All we have to do is make it our business to find out. That’s the beauty of enlightenment.

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