Those Who Believe In Me Have Eternal Life

In the Jesus legend I told you: ‘Those who believe in Me have eternal life.’ For as long as you believed that the Master had been a person who once walked amongst you on the Earth plane, rather than a mythical figure, you had not choice but to follow him. For souls who are still in their spiritual infancy and adolescence this belief is as good now as it once was for you. But if you have been guided to find this and are reading it, you are among the fortunate ones who are reaching their full spiritual adulthood. You are the ones for whom I am bringing much more than a mere belief. Your very own share of My wisdom is on offer to you. To find out whether some spiritual knowledge really does come from Me, in whatever form it may present itself to you, all you need to do is listen to the responses that rise from the depths of your own heart through the world of your feelings. They are My guidance. When your innermost feelings say that something right, then for you it is right – even though it may not be for someone else.

As early as the Jesus legend I conveyed to you the message: ‘I am the bread of life.’ In Earth terms it seems to have taken a long time until sufficient numbers of you to be able to comprehend that the bread I spoke of was never meant to be of the physical kind, but that all your experiences, your joys as well as your sorrows, are the bread of life that every human soul is constantly receiving from Me. This bread is given to you for your spiritual growth and wellbeing, so that in the fullness of time you may leave Earth life behind you altogether and move on to ever higher levels of learning; each must do this through their own experiences. Your improved understanding of things and the spiritual wisdom and knowledge you are gaining from your experiences are the only food that is suitable for nurturing your soul and spirit.

In the Jesus legend I said through the Master: ‘I am the way, the light and the truth.’ You are sure to know by now that the higher esoteric meaning of these words cannot be found by considering mere surface words of by looking towards others. Instead, you are required to gaze within and become aware that all the teachings I gave to your world with the help of this tale and all others before and after it, were designed to act merely as signposts. They were given to show all human souls at the end of their earthly education their way back home into the conscious awareness of their own true nature as an integral part of Me, the living God within you, your inner eternal reality.

Love is My nature and also your own. Love is the most important one of the laws of the Universe, My laws. In order to find your way back home into the oneness with Me, each one of you in their own right has to learn how to conduct their lives in ways that are in keeping and harmony with all My laws. Do not ever forget that you are part of Me and I am part of you. Making a genuine effort at acting wisely, honestly and truthfully in all your dealings is a vital part of every soul’s eventual homecoming. That is the only way you can be true to your real or highest nature and of remaining faithful to Me, your true and Highest or God Self. When you go about your business with a loving attitude towards all life, including your own, and are constantly sending your inner light out into your world and all worlds, your light will shine ever more brightly, until you have gradually grown into a radiant star in your own right.

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The above is a chapter from ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’.
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