In Defence Of Uranus

Rays Of Wisdom - Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age - Uranus & Gaia - In Defence Of UranusA blood-curdling tale about Uranus and Gaia has come to our world down the ages from the Ancient Greeks; in this part of the jottings we shall investigate its esoteric backdrop. The world of spirit has always communicated with humankind with the intention that, no matter how deep we descended into physicality, we should not entirely forget that in truth we belong to higher dimensions, which for a long time have to remain invisible to our earthly perception of life.

Love is the law of the Universe on which all other laws are hinged. That is why no matter what may ever befall us and our world on the Earth plane, beyond any shadow of a doubt the Universe loves us and has always attended most diligently to every soul’s true needs and that on all levels of our existence. The higher and highest ones of them are our true home, from which we once ventured forth to explore life in physicality. The Earth is merely a school and a temporary place of learning. The Universe is constantly guiding each one of us, so that in the fullness of time every soul finds its own way back home into the awareness of its real nature.

With the help of myths and legends God and the Angels have always been trying to coax us into conducting our earthly lives in more meaningful ways by looking for protection and guidance towards the wise ones on the higher planes. They have been put in charge of us and our world, so that we can turn to them for assistance whenever we have to encounter difficult situations. It is for this reason that throughout the ages, a great many legends have been given to our world. They have been trying to explain to us the spiritual concepts and ideas that are the basis of all life.

As time went by, much has been misunderstood and misinterpreted; mostly this is because the Universe hardly ever seems to be inclined to tell us: ‘It is so and so!’ It has always preferred to talk with us in symbolisms and metaphors, parables and legends. Alas, many of the deep esoteric meanings they contain had to remain hidden from our understanding up to now. It always has been and still is humankind’s task to try to unravel the knot of time, to look beyond and behind the legends in the hope of deciphering them and finding fresh interpretations. That’s what this part of the jottings is mostly about.

Viewed from the spiritual angle, the mythological heritage of all the cultures of our world is one vast storehouse of wisdom and knowledge. Many of the myths that are still known to us contain messages that can still speak to us very vividly. On the threshold of the Age of Aquarius the legend of Uranus and Gaia from the Ancient Greek tradition is of particular significance because it can shed some light on our understanding of our world and how it came into being.

Uranus was the Greek primeval sky God; Uranus means Heaven and he was responsible for both sunshine and rain on the Earth. According to legend, when Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth, emerged from the primeval Chaos, she first gave birth to Uranus, i.e. the Heavens, and then to the Mountains and the Sea. As well as being her son, Uranus also became Gaia’s husband. From their loving union sprang forth the Titans, the Cyclops, and the giants with one hundred hands. Alas, Uranus hated his offspring, so he decided to hide them in Gaia’s body. She appealed to them for vengeance, but Cronus, one of the Titans, was the only one to respond; the gruesome rest of the tale follows in a moment.

This is such a fascinating myth that ever since first encountering it many years ago, I could not help the feeling that there just has to be a great deal more to it than meets the eye. But somehow, there never was enough time to investigate the matter further. And then, a few days ago, one of my friends told me that she feels that Uranus must be ‘some kind of a jerk’ – my friend’s own words – because of the way he behaved towards Gaia. She thought that Saturn’s action was totally justified. This was hilarious, but when this effect had worn off, I found time and again that my thoughts kept wandering back to Uranus and Gaia. Little bells started to tinkle inside me so consistently that I knew that my inner teacher wanted me to investigate this myth more closely. So, here we are.

Uranus represents Heaven and the will of God and in truth he is anything but a bit soft in the head. That’s why I felt I needed to come to his defence. Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus and because my friend’s Moon is in this sign, she felt she needed a better understanding of one of the rulers of this sign, namely Uranus. When one wants to come to terms with Aquarius, the Sun sign and also the sign of the New Age, it is essential to consider both its rulers. For as long as a positive presence of Saturn is lacking in any soul’s life, taking charge of the unruly world of our feelings is almost impossible. The Uranian energies are of such a forceful and difficult to control nature that each one of us will most certainly also require those of the controlling and steadying influence of Saturn, the stern schoolmaster of the zodiac. The gifts he brings to humankind are self-discipline and self-mastery; they alone can bring us and our world the balance and stability we so desperately need.

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