Searching For God

Rays Of Wisdom – War And Peace Between Nations – The Patriarchy And Warfare Through The Ages – Searching For God

I searched, but I could not find Thee.
I called Thee aloud, standing on the minaret.
I rang the temple bell with the rising and setting of the Sun.
I looked for Thee on the Earth.
I searched for Thee in the Heavens, my Beloved.
And at last I have found Thee –
Thou art the pearl of true love that for so long had to
Remain hidden in human hearts.

Freely and willingly I surrender my whole being to Thee.
Thee I serve in all my daily encounters by
Thinking, speaking and acting with
Compassion and tolerance, patience and love,
And simple human kindness.

Thou art that which is good, right and beautiful,
Not only in me but in every human being.
As so far in some of us it only exists in seedform
And a slumbering state,
Helping it to wake up is my task.
Loving and understanding them
Are the only weapons I shall ever need.
They are part of the God aspect of my own being,
Called by some Jesus and others Allah.
My whole being is tuned into the frequencies of
The Highest Forces of life.
Their guidance and protection
Shall forever make me invincible.

Hazrat Inayat Khan, Gayan, Vadan, Nirtan
Edited by Aquarius

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