Rays Of Wisdom - Prayers And Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World - Meditation

So we may know the Great Father/Mother of all life better
And feel Their wisdom, love and power,
Let us tune into their frequency in our meditation hour.
To tap into Divine greatness and use Its gifts each day,
We need to learn how to encounter it in a meditative way.
Making friends with the Universal Forces and finding out Its will,
Takes the inner silence where all is calm and still.

Nature’s forces are best observed in life’s quiet things.
Through Snowflakes softly falling like on Angel’s wings
Or the petals unfolding of a rose.
That’s how the Divine reveals itself to us
When our whole being is in repose.

So let’s carefully think about and plan to allocate
A portion of each day for being still and meditate.
When all is quiet within and without in deep meditation,
Our spirit and soul experience the kind of initiation
That enables us to quietly and peacefully endure
The outer world because we know
That in God we are secure.

Helen Steiner-Rice
Edited by Aquarius

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