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For quite some time by now, we and our world have been going through the long awaited spiritual rebirth and the saviour and redeemer, promised of old, is at last in flesh appearing. This is happening in a highly surprising and much more beautiful way than anyone could ever have envisaged in past ages, even in their wildest dreams. The New Age is with us and as the months and years go by, it is coming clearer that this is not just some kind of a fad or an airy-fairy notion that has sprung from the minds of the participants of the hippy movement. It is a concept that deserves to be taken seriously, because it demands the fullest attention from each one of us, not merely from those who are already interested in their own spiritual progress and that of our whole world.

The Age of Aquarius is an evolutionary period in the spiritual development of humankind, during which spiritual wisdom and truth directly from the Source will flow ever more strongly into all human hearts. As pointed out in ‘Healers and Healing’, the Bible story of ‘The second coming of Christ’ is an allegory for this awakening and rising of the Christ Spirit, the inner child, in every human heart.

In my view, those who are hoping that the Master Jesus will take on another physical form to walk in our midst as the long promised World Teacher, are going to be disappointed. Bearing in mind that the story of his life is but a legend that was created two thousand years ago for the spiritual education of our race, this is simply not going to happen. But even if he really had walked the Earth with us at some point, another appearance would be highly unlikely.

During the present evolutionary phase of our world it would be downright undesirable, as it would distract too many from the fact that the long promised coming of the World Teacher is a change of consciousness and an inner experience which every soul finally has to experience on its own. Instead of it, people would continue to search for outside influences to show them the way, instead of learning to listen to the guidance of their inner teacher, the living God within.

This indeed is now happening in the most miraculous and unexpected way by the Christ child coming alive and being born in all human souls. The World Teacher is none other than our own intuition and the small still voice of conscience within that has always been there for us. When all have become fully attuned to and are following the guidance of this, their very own teacher, there will be peace in our world and there will no longer be any need for religions; they will disappear because they will then have served the purpose they were created for.

My jottings are discussions of how the monumental changes that are now taking place are affecting us all. Helpful new perspectives on all aspects of life are gradually revealing themselves to us. If you study the various parts of my life’s work which by now are available here, you will soon be able to see this for yourself. The collective consciousness of our race is opening up and all round there is clear evidence that an ever stronger awareness of the ‘facts of life’ about our true nature and eternal reality is emerging. 

With the discovery that life is an absolute continuum and that there is no death, the limited vision of Earth life as a one-off thing dissolves. We then realise that one cycle of life emerges and is born from the previous one. All life is guided and protected by God and the Angels. Old life-forms that have outlived their usefulness are removed by them, as all life is inexorably moving forwards and upwards, and all its participants are evolving into ever better and more beautiful forms, as they reach for higher and highest levels of existence.

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