A Time For Everything

Rays Of Wisdom - War And Peace Among Nations - A Time For EverythingA right time is predestined for everything, now is the one for finding a better understanding of the spiritual principles of the dualities and polarities that form the basis of all life, including that of the Earth. One of the most important aspects of life we have to come to terms with is the concept of good and evil. As this is the most vital and fundamental issue of all, every soul must study it through real life first hand experiences. And because the laws of the Universe demand that the scales of justice eventually have to be balanced, everybody must at times find themselves sometimes at both the giving and the receiving end of this lesson.

Yet, God and the Angels never leave us, and no matter how dire things may sometimes look on the surface and whatever may befall us, things will always turn out right again, if not during this lifetime then in another. The best we can do in all situations is to look towards our inner guidance and trust that we and our world rest safely in the hands of God and the Angels. All we can do is accept what comes and work our way through our tests and trials, safe in the knowledge that all evil is only in this world so that we may learn from it and that finally it will lead us and our world back to good. That, after all, is the Universe’s true nature and also our own. For as long as we always strive to remain faithful to it, trusting our inner guidance to show us the way, everything will always work out well in the end. 

There comes a time in everybody’s life when the Great White Spirit, the Father/Mother of all life, draws us towards Itself; more about this theme later. Recognising when this event is likely to occur is not difficult for me as an astrologer. As I do not want to bore you with technical details here, may it suffice to say that we can only be drawn when our energies have aligned themselves to those of the Universal life force, the Father/Mother of all life, whose super-conscious faculties every soul contains in seed form. However, they can only begin to germinate and grow when the energies are right. And even then the awakening this brings with it does not happen for each soul until it has reached a certain degree of spiritual maturity.

The journey back into the light of our true nature and the oneness with God is a natural part of the evolutionary program all human beings. The returning point has been reached when, each through their own experiences, our consciousness has expanded and we have sufficiently grown in wisdom and understanding. Assimilating and integrating the lessons of the darker aspects of life is an important part of every person’s return to its Source. When the time is right for us, the Great Father/Mother draws us ever closer. Naturally, this never comes about like the flicking of a switch; it is a development that takes a long time. As the years, months and days pass by us, gradually new feelings begin to stir within us. As they slowly grow stronger, we are instinctively drawn to people with a more spiritual and philosophical outlook on life.

There are certain times in our lives when we could be seriously in danger of ‘catching religion’, even if we previously lacked all interest in such matters.  At such times, some are known to have suddenly wandered off into the sunset with a Bible tucked under their arm. A chance meeting, listening to someone on the radio or TV, a website we stumble upon on the internet, reading a book or a magazine may suddenly capture our interest and set us thinking. Typical responses at such times are: ‘This is interesting; why don’t I look into it a bit more, maybe get a book; how about attending a workshop or lecture?’ It is worth our while to follow such hunches, because that indeed is how – one way or another – our great Father/Mother eventually draws each one of us back and invites us to come home into the oneness with It.

Interestingly, even science is now confirming that among the genes we all have in common there is one, which one of its representatives in a 2006 TV interview called ‘the God gene’. Apparently, in about half the population this gene is active, whilst in the other half it is dormant. The active gene seems to help us sense and feel the presence of the Divine in ourselves and the world around us and there then come fleeting moments of awareness of the oneness of life.

For wise reasons the God gene remains quiescent for a long time. Only when a soul has reached a certain degree of spiritual maturity and the energies are aligned in the right way, the gene in question comes alive and begins to stir within. And if any of the spiritual aspects which this work touches upon speak to you and you feel a positive inner response – even if you were never interested in such things before – to me, that is an indication that the Father/Mother are drawing you towards Them and that your God gene is in the process of awakening. For souls who so far do not feel this kind of response, the Father/Mother’s special call has not yet come. Like all great things, it’s that simple.

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