The Law Of Karma In War And Peace

The ever increasing amount of spiritual knowledge that is now flowing into humankind is an instrument the Universe places into everybody’s own hands, so each can do their level best of bringing our present evolutionary phase to a happy ending. Although I dislike repeating myself in this way, it cannot be stressed too much that understanding is the all important feature which all human souls are meant to find on the Earth plane. To grow in wisdom and understanding is the very reason why we are here. It is a prime requirement for exploring the mysteries of this world and of all life, so that we may come to terms with our present existence and find the answers to all our questions, especially the one why there is so much suffering on the Earth.

The first and most important item in our tool kit is finding out all we can about Universal laws, especially the law of Karma, of action and reaction and that means that every action causes a reaction. Another part of this same law is that everything must return to its source. As the Universal laws rule all life, it makes no difference whether one is aware of their existence or not. It is a fact of life that whatever anyone sends out into our world must always return.

As the human soul slowly progresses through one lifetime after another, it gradually accumulates ever more spiritual knowledge that helps it to grow in wisdom and understanding. And for every soul there eventually comes the magic moment re-awakening to its true nature and learning about the Cosmic laws that rule its life. This can become the turning point the soul has been waiting for, for a very long time. If it is already wise enough to apply the Karmic law wisely to its own life and relationships, it notices to its delight that both are beginning to flow much more smoothly. Eventually, the time comes when the soul’s grasp of these things is so deeply embedded in its consciousness that it prays for forgiveness for itself and others, especially those who still insist upon sinning against it.  The legend of the Master, when Jesus is nailed helplessly on the Cross, is a demonstration of how our soul then turns to God and prays: ‘O Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.’ St. Luke 23:34

Emotional bonds are the karmic manacles which will continue to keep us tied to Earth life and each other, for as long as we insist upon creating them. While we were still unaware of the Cosmic law of cause and effect, there was no way that we could have avoided them. Thus, in the course of many lifetimes, we created ever more suffering for each other and the chains of Karma that bind us together in our human relationships grew increasingly strong. In our ignorance of the law, whenever some of our evil-doings found their way back to us and painful events had to be dealt with, we had no idea what was hitting us. And so, we lashed out and hit back, causing more and more pain to ourselves and other. This is how the long history of belligerence of our world gradually developed and how our warfare grew fiercer and ever more destructive.

The law of Karma applies to all life, to every individual soul and also to the soul groups of people, like organisations, belief systems and whole countries. But, rejoice! This will not continue forever and for all of us the present lifetime is an extra special one, because opportunities are offered to resolve all our karmic ties, even the oldest and most difficult ones. Each one of us is here to bring theirs to their natural conclusion and to set each other free. Forgiveness alone can help us move forward and make us ready for different relationships and fresh experiences that will yield learning of a more uplifting kind. The desire to pardon comes alive in our soul, as we grasp that whatever anyone does to us now has to be made good by them in future lifetimes. Once our soul has woken up, it has no other wish than to play its part in ending all the suffering that is in our world, through releasing others.

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