New Ladders For Climbing Heavenwards

 Rays Of Wisdom – War And Peace Between Nations – The Patriarchy And Warfare Through The Ages – New Ladders For Climbing Heavenwards

‘Wisdom is not a flower to be plucked, but a mountain to be climbed.’

Spiritual knowledge has always been humankind’s ladder for reaching out to the higher and highest levels of life, known as the Heavenly world. All parts of my jottings were written from the highest point of my consciousness, which in turn is an integral part of the collective consciousness of all humankind, the same as yours and everyone else’s. If you are in tune with your heart, it will tell you reliably whether the truth, the way I perceive it, as God and the Angels are my witnesses, could also be yours. Somebody once asked me: ‘What – not who – are you?’ My reply was then, as it will always be: ‘I am a very ordinary person and a beloved child of the Universe, like the trees and the Stars, just the same as you and everybody else.

Because both of us are children of the One, I am your sibling and I love you. You are as much part of me, as I am a part of you. That is why, to the best of my knowledge and ability, I am sharing with you my inner truths, as my Highest or God Self urges me to do. I am aware that, when we hurt one, we hurt all, including ourselves. And because you and I in spirit and soul are one, rest assured that I would never dream of lying and misleading you or hurting and harming you in any way.

It has been said that, when the pupil is ready, the teacher will be found. Those who are ready for what I have to say will be able to understand. They will intuitively know how to pick what is of use to them and discard the rest. But if you are unready for what I am trying to convey, then no matter what I do or say will make any sense to you. It is by no means my intention to add my voice to those who want to destroy the credibility of any of the religions of our world. For one thing, they do not need my help because they are far too good at doing that job themselves. For another it is not my place to destroy the ladder on which my brothers and sisters are climbing, even though I can see that the appliance they are using is an exceedingly brittle one. Those who are sufficiently evolved know intuitively how to make their ladder stronger, for themselves as well as for others.

Knowing that the needs of the others will be fulfilled in due course, puts my mind at ease. It does not disturb me unduly that the sacred texts of our religions contain many teachings whose meanings the rank and file of its followers fail to understand. It is true that love understands all and because it understands forgives all. When the love of our Creator and for humankind and our world is our only motivation, it is not hard to be spiritually tolerant. That’s why I would never dream of attacking any of the things the religions of our world are offering. I merely would like my readers to find out that the at least some of the knowledge I carry within can enlarge and enhance what is already in their possession, creating a vision of what our belief systems could expand into, if they woke up at last.

No matter how small my contribution may be, it is my share of re-building the spiritual structure of our world now that we are moving ever deeper into the Age of Aquarius. We are presently standing on the threshold of a new golden age of plenty for all and the time is right for reconciling and healing all God’s children of the Earth by lifting each one into our Creator’s heart. After the intensive cleansing our religious institutions have already been going through, it’s good to see that many have already found a new and much stronger ladder to climb on. I dream of a world in which each child of God owns one that is so strong that no wind of change can blow it away or fears and doubts destroy it.

In keeping with the spirit of the Aquarian age each has to construct their own improved climbing apparatus for reaching into the Heavens, one that is based on the spiritual knowledge we are now receiving in growing abundance. And when our inner teacher, the living God within, our inner connection with the source of all wisdom and truth, says: ‘This makes sense. It is true!’, then it really is and we can rely upon it.

This is how the Aquarian Age is bringing us the gift of genuine faith and trust that has its roots in a deep inner knowingness and understanding of the processes of life and the spiritual background of our earthly existence and what life really is about. There will come a time when no-one in earthly life will be living in a constant state of fear and uncertainty, of life in general and death in particular. We shall find a peace of mind that is based on knowing instead of believing. It will be of solid gold compared to what we once had when all we had were mere surface beliefs that could be shaken and destroyed by just about anything. To my mind, the new age’s most precious gift for all of us is developing true and everlasting faith in the goodness of life that no-one will ever be able to take away. What could be more precious?

True to the principle that the brightest light casts the deepest shadows, the upside of Neptune’s energies is as powerful as their downside. Under their influence during the Age of Pisces mediumistic, mystical and inspirational qualities have also come to the fore and were developed by many. Pisces is the sign of the soul and of Karma. Evolved Pisceans are dreamers who can see in their imagination the ideal world we all once emerged from, the state of bliss known as Paradise, to which one day each one of us shall return.

It has been said that nothing hides the face of God as well as religion. This too undoubtedly has been part of God’s plan for the Piscean age. This ensured that in the following age many would be ready to rediscover God’s true nature and their own, and that we would make jolly sure to hold onto this knowledge and never again let it go from us. That’s why the plan provided that the outer trappings of the religions of our world would keep us from discovering such things too early. And because other vital lessons had to be attended to first, our belief systems were carefully designed by the Angels and Masters in charge of our world, to ensure that they could take place.

Now that these lessons have been learned by sufficient numbers of us, our world is ready to know that everything is God, including each one of us, and that every cell and atom of dense physical matter is made from the pulsating light of the Universal Christ or Christ Star. We are God, manifestations of our Creator’s living Spirit, the same as Jesus Christ would have been, if he had ever existed in physicality.

Some time ago, I found a brilliant cartoon in ‘Just Another Spiritual Book’ by Bo Lozoff. The drawing carried the title ‘Agnostic fleas’. It featured two fleas who are wandering around on a dog, whose bristles look like trees compared to the size of the fleas. The creatures look down-hearted and one says to the other: ‘Y’know, sometimes I question if there is a dog.’ It’s not at all difficult to see that the agnostic fleas are the human race scrambling about on God, being nurtured by God and yet wondering whether there is a God.

If in our present state of life the higher worlds are still invisible to our earthly eyes, it is for the simple reason that the atoms of our physical body are not yet sufficiently purified and our vibrations quickened to enable us to tune our whole being into the frequencies of the higher spiritual dimensions of life. Although thus far we have not yet grown the different bodies with which the higher worlds are contacted, there is no reason why we should think in terms of here on the Earth and there in the Heavens. For the time being our earthly bodies can only touch and see, smell and feel the things of the Earth, but in due course we shall develop a celestial body that will enable us to get in touch with ever higher states of consciousness.

It does so as follows: in each one of us the seed of the Christ Spirit has been implanted, initially only as a tiny spark. When our superconscious faculties begin to unfold, through our spiritual endeavours the Divine spark grows until the fire of the Christ love permeates every cell and atom of our being. Our consciousness expands our aura and radiation grows with it until we eventually become capable of reaching the most elevated planes. Life is a rhythmic breathing in and out and consists of an expansion of consciousness at will as well as a withdrawal from it at will.

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