The Age Of Pisces

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The Age Of Karma And The Soul
And The Beginnings Of Our Present Major Religions

About 300 BC – 1900 AD

Gullibility has been one of our race’s most formidable enemies in past ages. This particularly applied during the Age of Pisces from about 300 BC – 1900 AD. The mutable Water sign Pisces is co-ruled by expansive and mighty Jupiter and deceptive, nebulous and devious Neptune. As a result of these energies, the Piscean age was one of blind faith and deception on a grand scale, as one would expect from the combined force of the sign’s two vast planetary rulers. The appearance of the Jesus legend at the beginning of the Piscean Age makes more sense when one considers that Jupiter is also the sole ruler of Sagittarius, the sign of the raconteur and storyteller, the conman and gambler of the zodiac.

With the coming of the Aquarian Age, in keeping with God’s plan, it was time to leave the negative influence of those energies behind and to start developing their highest and most positive sides. The wise higher purpose of all lying and cheating experiences, in particular those of the Piscean Age, has been to teach us and our world the value of honesty and truth in all our encounters. Those who took part in the grand Piscean lesson and have learnt from it sufficiently are ready to intuitively receive the sacred wisdom and truth of the Highest. With the help of the Angels and Masters, friends and helpers in the world of light they are receiving this gift and for them book-learning is no longer necessary.

The negative aspects of Pisces that need to be overcome are carelessness, a fondness of building castles in the air, deceptiveness and going through life with our heads in the clouds. As well as being hypersensitive and irritated by discords, we may be sentimental, subversive, unstable, wandering and woolly. Overcoming these characteristics sets us free to develop the Piscean positive characteristics of artistic gifts and the ability to play our part in life in positive and constructive ways, in spite of being a dreamer and idealist. As our imaginative, inspirational and mediumistic capabilities begin to unfold, we become ever more sensitive to the artistic inspiration that flows from the higher and highest levels of life into ours. We are spiritual and subtle beings with a great love for music and rhythm.

Pisces is a mutable Water sign, its natural domain is the twelfth house. Both sign and house are of the soul and of Karma, also known as the place of our own undoing, where our sins from past lifetimes are catching up and shaking hands with us, waiting to be redeemed. The Water signs serve the development of the emotions and of the soul, individually and collectively. It was an age that taught us and our world the dangers of blind faith. But above all, in my view, the whole of patriarchy and in particular the Age of Pisces has been teaching us and our world priceless lessons of the wise use and the abuse of power. You can read more about the age of blind faith by following the link at the end of this chapter.

Pisces being co-ruled by misty, mysterious and nebulous Neptune and vast and expansive Jupiter, the ruler of the superconscious realm, it is hardly surprising that this Age was dominated by the development of the major religions of our world. Christianity with its mixture of persecution and the ideals of spiritual redemption and salvation evolved from Judaism. Islam in turn evolved from Christianity. All three religions are but twigs on the branch of religious tree of our world.

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