Numerological Interpretation - Part Two - The Saturn Mystery

Rays of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files - Excursions Into Numerology - The Saturn MysterySaturn is merely a symbol of the bridge every soul must cross in its search for perfect re-alignment with infinity and its eternal or God Self. The co-rulership of Aquarius by Saturn and Uranus is the signpost that is showing us all of us the way into the New Age. The need for applying strictest self-discipline to every part of our being is shown by the order in which the planets appear here – Saturn first and then Uranus, the liberator. Uranus is waiting to release each one of us into the freedom of the Aquarian Age by first helping us to burst and shake off the Karmic chains and shackles, as well as all false beliefs and prejudices. Even if they have been dear to us over many lifetimes, they must now go.

One of the many treasured false beliefs that have been held in our world for far too long is that Saturn is the planet of darkness, when nothing could be further from the truth. The names Saturn – Satan – Lucifer, the light bearer and shining one,  point us to the fact that Saturn’s role all along really has been that of a bringer of light, and that the planet by no means has deserved its old-fashioned reputation as the dark and sombre malefic of the zodiac. Now that ever more of us are approaching spiritual maturity, Saturn, the stern and demanding schoolmaster, is revealing itself increasingly as the great benefactor of humankind, whose task is to lead each one of us back into the light of recognising our true nature and home.

And that is how Saturn indeed becomes the bringer of light. Spiritually, this means enlightenment that comes to us in the form of wisdom and understanding gained as we battle our way through the tests and trials of earthly life. This is particularly strongly felt in Capricorn, whose sole planetary ruler is Saturn. There is a great deal of duality about the characteristics of this planet, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, including us. Because of this Capricorn can bring out either the best or the worst in human souls.

Yet, most important for the progress of human souls on the evolutionary pathway of life is that it is the sign in which the highest human endeavours, hopes and dreams can find their fulfilment. We are all gifted in some special way and our particular aptitude may have taken many lifetimes to develop and polish to ever greater heights of perfection. One of our lifetimes in Capricorn may then offer us opportunities for sharing our talent and bringing it to the attention of the public. The most elevated aim of this sign is the high priest, who serves humankind as the power behind the throne. And the more spiritually orientated we become and unselfishly strive for the highest good of our whole world, the closer we get to this goal. And so, it is not hard to see how Saturn the teacher eventually turns into the rewarder.

Every spirit’s earthly education consists of getting to know, each through their own experiences, with the darkest, most dangerous and evil aspects of our nature. In the course of many lifetimes, one small step after another, we move up the evolutionary spiral. This continues until eventually we are once more getting in touch with the characteristics of our higher nature. Saturn is the planet of Karma and plays the role of Old Father Time in our lives. It is a metaphor for the wisdom and justice of the Highest, the all seeing and hearing one who cannot be cheated, for the simple reason that it is part of us. That is how it comes about that in the fullness of time each one of us is presented with the Karmic bill for every one of the misdeeds of our earlier earthly sojourns, no matter how far back in the past they may have taken place.  

All these things shed light onto the mystery of why Saturn, when it is visible in the sky above us, is visually the most beautiful planet in our solar system of all. The willingness with which the human soul submits itself to Saturn’s tests and trials reveals the degree of spiritual maturity it has reached, at any given phase in its evolution, and shows its readiness or otherwise of being released into the freedom of the Aquarian Age.

But let’s return for a moment to the year 2008 and the Sun sign Leo. In that year the Universe made this sign’s positive and direct approach to life available to everybody. An abundance of optimism and enthusiasm for bringing something new and beautiful into being was there for all to participate in. For many it could become a year for loving from the heart and giving freely whatever flows from the heart of the Universe into ours, for all to enjoy. Like the Sun in the sky above us giving its warmth and love freely and joyously to all life, we as earthlings and young Gods in the making were encouraged to share God’s rich abundance of creative ideas with all life. The reward of souls who at any given time are making an effort at tapping securely into what is, after all, the creative power of God, is increased joy, love and great strength of purpose and willpower.

Mind you, the Universe is not doing these things for nothing. It does indeed expect something from us in return. We are on the Earth so that one day we should discover  that the energies available to us are meant to be used as tools that enable us to do our share of bringing our new and peaceful world into being in the most effective manner. Being created in the image of God, all His/Her characteristics and powers are also in us, and we too contain our Creator’s power that can either bless and heal or wantonly destroy. The Universe loves us. We are Its children and because of this it assists us at all times with bringing into being whatever our human hearts truly desire. This is how in the course of many lifetimes we are getting to know the powers within and how to use them wisely.

Everything in the whole of Creation is at our disposal and will in the fullness of time – when we are good and ready for it – be within our reach. And if we wish more than anything for our world to become a peaceful one, the Universal forces will show us how to go about it and each one of us has to do their share of bringing it into being. All things have their origin in us and if we want peace, we have to begin with ourselves, sweep in front of our own door and conduct our lives in more peaceful ways through tirelessly working on more kind and loving relationships, with ourselves, those around us and also our environment.

One of the main reasons for spending time in earthly life is to teach us how to differentiate and discriminate, for example between good and evil, darkness and light. And whether something we do is good or evil depends on our intentions behind the actions. The outcome of any one of them reveals whether an activity was good or bad. In some way, we are all pupils and teachers to each other. Life itself and the experiences we are constantly gathering are our teachers

The Universe experiences itself through us. It prays and thinks through us. And at least potentially each one of us is a channel of the Divine who can simultaneously act as a receiver/transmitter and relay station of Its wisdom. The super-abundance of creative ideas from the spiritual Sun during the year 2008 were available to all of us and it was up to each individual to decide how they should be used. For the many new beginnings that were coming towards us we did require all of the strength of the Sun’s creative energies. At the beginning of the year they were flowing comparatively slowly, but their speed and strength increased as we moved through the year.

Updated 19th January 2016. It may interest you that this year is a No. 9 one. To me that means that there will be many endings and conclusions for each one of us individually and also for our world. Seeing is believing and you can verify what I am saying for yourself when you consider how many famous people have already been parting from this plane of life, although the year is only nineteen days old at the time of writing this.

The year 2017 will be a No. 10 year and a whole new cycle of experiences will begin and bring us many new beginnings.

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