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As far as the theme of hope is concerned, there is never anything new under the Sun. The German poet, philosopher, historian and playwright, Friedrich von Schiller, gave his message of hope to our troubled world in the form of a poem. Its German title is ‘Hoffnung’ – hope. The first version presented here is a masterly translation by a very special friend of mine.

We speak and dream so very much
Of a future in the Sun.
Towards that happy golden goal
We struggle and we run.
The world gets old, then young again –
Still hope is humankind’s refrain.

Hope guides us into life’s great flow
And flutters over cheerful youth,
Enthuses us with magic glow,
In old age too remains our truth
And in the grave that ends our ways
We plant fresh hope for other days.

No vague or empty promise here,
By a foolish mind begot.
The heart proclaims it loud and clear:
‘We’re born for a better lot!’
And what the inner voice makes plain
The hopeful heart does not disdain.

Friedrich von Schiller
1759 – 1805

* * *

The second part of Schiller’s poem came into being with the help of my inner teacher and Highest Self, who shows us how he would write it if he still walked in our midst. 

Oh, how much people talk and dream
Of better days to come.
Just look at them, running and chasing
Visions of happier times
And another golden age of plenty.
A world without suffering and pain,
Where hunger and thirst, sickness and wars,
Violence and crime are no more.
Our world has grown old and
Constantly been renewing itself
And yet, throughout the ages, humankind
Has steadfastly been holding onto this dream.

Hope guides us into earthly life.
Happily it surrounds us in youthful days
And bewitches us with its magical glow.
And no matter how old and weary we may get,
It does not leave us and die,
That’s because it has been planted firmly
And programmed into every heart and soul.
And even though every lifetime has to end in the grave,
Hope stays with us and accompanies us into
The world of light and all subsequent
Earthly sojourns we may still need.

Hope is much more than a flattering delusion
And an elixir that only flows from the brains of fools.
Those who listen can hear the small still voice
Of the living God in their heart whispering:
‘For something greater than Earth life alone
Humankind was created.
A high and holy destiny is waiting for each one of you!’
The things that reveal themselves to us in this way
Never mislead us or betray the trust we place in them.

Friedrich von Schiller
Freely translated by Aquarius

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