Easter Hymn

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For The Seasons Of The Year - Easter Hymn

Awake, O wintry Earth.
Fling off thy sadness.
Fair spring flowers, laugh forth
And share with us
Thy ancient gladness.

Thomas Blackburn
Edited by Aquarius

Each time the Sun enters into Aries
On the day of the vernal equinox,
The uprushing fountain of life
Brings us a joyous period of
Rebirth and regeneration of all life
Mother Earth’s is holding in her loving embrace.

This is the event our world has always celebrated
At Easter and I wish that for you and your loved ones
This year’s will be the happiest one ever.
To help bringing this about,
Extra special blessings are flowing your way
That are filled with the love and warmth
Of the Highest realms of life.

For you, my dear friends and worldwide spiritual family,
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