The Living Waters Of Consciousness

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - The Living Waters Of ConsciousnesThere is no doubt in my mind that the Age of Aquarius is now with us. We are here to find our way back home into our true nature, and to help us the Highest levels of life are now pouring ever more knowledge into the collective and individual consciousness of our world. The water-bearer is the symbol of Aquarius; its ruler is Uranus, the planet of revolution. Yet, to this day, there is a great deal of confusion about this sign; because of its name, many believe it to be a water sign. However, it is not water of the liquid kind the water bearer is pouring. He is bringing us the waters of spiritual knowledge and wisdom, to help us cleanse and heal our own consciousness and that of our world.

White Eagle, in one of his teachings indicates where the Master of the New Age will lead us in our quest for spiritual truth, namely inwards. It is the only place in the whole of Creation where we can find what we are looking for: ‘The [legend of the] Master Jesus made reference to the Aquarian Age before the celebration of the Last Supper, when he bade two of his disciples to follow the man bearing a water-pot on his shoulder. The man carrying the water-pot is the symbol of the astrological sign Aquarius. His water is a symbol of the living waters of the Spirit [spiritual knowledge, which the bearer pours into the minds of humankind, to cleanse its spirit from false beliefs and illusions]. The disciples did as they were told and were led by this man [the water-bearer] to an inn. This may be understood as a place of sanctuary for travellers. The man of the New Age, the man of the Spirit [our inner guide and Master], will lead you to the inn, the sanctuary [everybody’s own inner sacred space].’
From time to time, in all my writings I enjoy including someone else’s quote or wisdom, in the hope of shedding some more light onto a topic under discussion. Besides it is a mark of my respect for the one through whom that particular wisdom was given to our world. Words in square brackets are added to further clarify its meaning. Please note that it is never my intention to speak on behalf of any person or organisation.

All spiritual knowledge we find is meant to be used to free us and our world from all types of dominion, suppression, and slavery; this applies particularly to the worst ones, those of the spiritual kind. However, such knowledge should no longer be swallowed blindly, as was required from us during the outgoing Piscean Age, also known as the age of blind faith. Yet, let us not knock those experiences. They too have been of value to us and our world because they taught us the invaluable lessons of how much suffering blind faith can and does bring. Individually and collectively, this undoubtedly led to enormous soul growth, but thanks be to God and the Angels that the time for drawing the learning from those lessons of the past has come.

At our entry into the Aquarian Age, our race is ready for a very different one, namely searching within, to unearth God’s Divine and eternal truths that have forever been known within the depths of our own being, from where they are now waiting to rise into everybody’s own conscious awareness. But even the knowledge that comes to us from there needs to be treated with caution. To my mind, the best way of establishing whether any knowledge we see, hear or read is true is by trying and testing it in the real life situations of our own lives.

Quotes like ‘The Light shines in the darkness’ point in the direction that God’s Wisdom has always been with us, in some form or another. It is sure to have been available to us since well before the Scriptures were written, and certainly before John’s possibly most recent lifetime. The wisdom of God’s eternal knowledge and truth – The Light that brings forth all life – will never be defeated, but it will eventually be comprehended by all. When it has absorbed all remnants of the darkness of ignorance that has surrounded us and our world for so long, a great peace will reign on the Earth. We shall then no longer be the captives of any false beliefs, superstitions and illusions, but free to be and act in accordance with our true self once again. It looks to me that our race by now has learnt its lessons thoroughly enough. And in any case, the time is right that we should all gradually be released from the prison of all ignorance. And lo and behold, among the gems we are finding is the higher meaning of Light and darkness.

To get us to where we are now, everybody first had to develop a degree of their own inner light. That could only be accumulated by everybody working their way through their own experiences, until sufficient knowledge – Light – had been gathered, by us all. The promise that God’s Light will eventually lead us back home has always been with us, in spite of the fact that for a vast span of our evolution we had no idea what that meant and how this would come about. The recognition of God’s true nature and our own is part of the Great Light that is now coming into every heart and soul. Individually and as a race, this knowledge does provide us with the means of rising above the material plane. And that, my dear friend, is the long awaited, hoped and prayed for home-coming of humankind.

Slowly but surely, everybody’s own inner comprehension of God’s Truth is helping us to rid ourselves and our world of all remnants of darkness. And as mentioned before, for as long as one has not yet learnt to act upon any knowledge one finds, it can do nothing for us and our world. It is only our willingness to act that can open the doors of true, i.e. inner understanding. Through everybody’s own efforts of listening to the wisdom of our inner Teacher and following its guidance, God, the Angels and the children of Earth are becoming one again. For the first time since – quite literally – God alone knows when, are we learning to consciously walk again in the shelter and protection of Divine wisdom and love. And please do not beat yourself up, if you seem to have struggled over-long in the prison of your darkness; it’s always impossible to grasp as infants that which we shall later, when we are adults, take for granted.

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