Difficult Parent/Child Relationships

Believing, as I do, that our earthly parents are not our true parents, for those who had or still are having a difficult relationship with their father or mother – maybe both – I am including some of my observations and insights into this theme. Listening to people when they talk about their childhood, surprisingly few seem to have had a good and easy one. This certainly seems to apply to those who are really honest with themselves. Yet, when one takes a peek behind what is operating in our life that is not surprising at all. This is for good reason, like everything we experience.

When it comes to the creation of a child, we tend to over-look who is doing the creating. The child is part of God, the same as we are. It comes to us to create itself a new vehicle, another physical body for this lifetime, through us – nothing more, nothing less. Both parties have agreed that this should be so, before they came into this lifetime. But because most of us are spiritually so ignorant – to put it mildly – for a long time, we remain unaware that the parents we have chosen for this lifetime, are only temporary ones. If our parents already have passed on, so much is likely to have remained unsaid. Yet, it is never too late. When we become spiritually aware, we can learn how to safely pierce the veil that separates us from the world of spirit. During meditation and without go-betweens, we can communicate with our loved ones, on the heart level, through their Highest Self, which is also ours. Personalities do not interfere on that level any more.

No matter what took place between us and the people we were created through, it is necessary to honour and love them, for any sacrifices they made on our behalf. The provision of the vehicle for the experience of this lifetime and for allowing us to be created through them is by no means a small sacrifice. The most important part, however, is to become aware that we all are part of the Great Loving Spirit who is both Father and Mother and takes care of our every need in all things. We need to learn to accept that whatever comes to us is always right because we ourselves created it, during this lifetime or others. It hardly ever is what we have in mind, but, for some reason, it always is exactly what we need, at any given time. It is essential to learn to accept what comes to us with gratitude. This can be quite a tall order, but well worth while. With acceptance and forgiveness for ourselves, and those who hurt us, comes inner peace. And isn’t that what, in the final analysis, we all are in search of?

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The above is a chapter from ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing’.
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