The Mass Of People - Ruled By The Moon

The Moon - Rays of Wisdom - Healers & Healing - The Masse Of People - Ruled By The MoonThe masses are under the influence of Cancer, the Water sign, ruled by the Moon. Through the world of their emotions, Cancerians are all too easily impressed, influenced, swayed by and taken in by just about anything. Aware that this is part of their present lifetime’s experience and bearing in mind Nietzsche’s words: ‘If you wish your life to be easy, always stay with the herd!’, the wise ones among them prefer making their own decisions to following any kind of a  herd.

Whenever you get the chance of watching the behaviour of a crowd, you will see how easily it can be reached and manipulated through the emotional world of its participants. Just like those of the Cancerian the feelings of a group are easily changed by just about any impression. It is not surprising that throughout the ages this phenomenon has been exploited by humankind for good as well as for evil – it seems to me mostly for evil. Around our world orators of all kinds, especially dictators,  have used it to manipulate, rule and control the mob. One cannot help wondering whether they, consciously or unconsciously, knew that this is possible because on the inner level of life we are all one.

The emotions are a body of water and water must be allowed to find its own way by flowing wherever it will, which is where it encounters least resistance. At its weakest point any dam will break and bring the whole structure down. In the same way, one person in a crowd going into hysterics, especially the one at the front, can set the whole multitude on fire and carry it with it, if need be into destruction. Emotionally and psychically we are all part of the great ocean of life and also of each other. Each one of us is a unique stream of consciousness in its own right that is nurtured by the ocean. In return, everybody’s learning constantly feeds back into the ocean.

Within this ocean, our whole world is one group soul with a common karmic past, present, future and destination. Contained in that, each nation is one group with its own Karma. Within that again, each one of us is an individual soul that has its particular karmic pathway to walk. Everything that feeds into the great ocean has an influence on the ocean itself and everything it contains. This shows the importance of learning to control our thought processes and of feeding nothing but positive and loving thoughts into the collective consciousness. Spiritually nothing is ever wasted. Whenever one of us insists on looking for the good in a experience, situation and person, that soul is making a small contribution to its role as saviour and redeemer of itself and its world.

Under the guidance and protection of God and the Angels, all of us have been placed in this life to learn how to consciously influence the mass of people in positive ways that serve the highest good and the greatest joy of our whole world. Consciously attuning ourselves in prayers and meditations to the outpourings of the energies of the Universal Christ was never intended to remain a privilege for the selected few. The time has come in the evolution of our whole race when each one of us is required to make their contribution towards and acting as channels capable of increasing the power of the blessing and healing energies of the Christ that are now pouring ever more strongly into us and our world.

By the way, the oneness in the great ocean also sheds some light onto occurrences like outbreaks of mass hysteria. To my mind, the most recent example of this was the reaction of the British public to the death of Diana Princess of Wales, a Sun Cancerian. This connected her, the same as all other souls born into this sign, deeply with the soul of the mass of people. The Moon in the Cancerian birthchart is of equal importance to the Sun. Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon. Because of this they are as strongly under the influence of their Moon sign as that of their Sun sign. Diana’s Moon in Aquarius tells the story of a very different soul, underneath it all.

In keeping with her name Diana, the Goddess of the hunt, the Princess’ ascendant was in Sagittarius. This reflects her love of pomp and circumstance, as well as for being on display and noticed. Undoubtedly, she was a child of the Aquarian Age with a great thirst for freedom and an inner need to break away from the patterns of the past, in spite of the fact that her Cancerian Sun will have pointed her also in that direction. The resulting conflict between these two energies is sure to have led to a great deal of soul growth for the Princess, now enjoying the greater freedom of the world of light. God bless her and keep her safe, always.

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