The Basic Approach Of The Signs

The basic approach to life of the Fire and Air signs is masculine, active, positive and outgoing, whereas that of the Water and Earth signs is feminine, passive, receptive and reflective. The energies of our Sun sign are clearly reflected in our attitude to and perception of life. To get to know yourself or someone around you with the help of studying your or their Sun sign, to my mind, it is essential to also study its polar opposite in the zodiac. No-one can truly understand Scorpio without appreciating what motivates Taurus and vice versa. Likewise it is impossible to fully grasp the requirements of the Aquarian Age without studying the characteristics of Leo. For those unfamiliar with this, here is a list of the signs that are opposite each other in the zodiac:

Aries – Libra
Taurus – Scorpio
Gemini – Sagittarius
Cancer – Capricorn
Leo – Aquarius
Virgo – Pisces
Libra – Aries
Scorpio – Taurus
Sagittarius – Gemini
Capricorn – Cancer
Aquarius – Leo
Pisces – Virgo

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