How It All Began

There was a time when astrology was as ‘way-out’ a topic for me, as at present it may still be for many of the visitors to my website. I have never been one for fortune telling, neither at the giving nor the receiving end. If astrology fell into that category, it is likely that I would not have become interested in studying it seriously and in depth. I am well aware that many use astrology for forecasting the future, but then it is possible do dabble at this with the help of a great many things, for example tea leaves. Such things are not for me.

From the beginning of my studies I have been fascinated by the spiritual aspects and the higher esoteric meanings behind the Divine Science, as astrology was called in ancient times. That’s why in my writings I have always dug ever deeper into them. As the ancients were aware that astrology is of Divine origin, in many cultures it was held in great esteem and practiced by the priesthood of its day. In those days it was available only to kings, queens and high-ranking officials, never to ordinary mortals like you and me, as it is today. How lucky we are!

Astrology can be used as a tool for getting to know ourselves and for becoming aware of our deepest innermost motivations. It is an invaluable help when it comes to developing one’s character in order to speed up one’s personal evolution. Although I always stress that I am no soothsayer, it occurred to me that, when all is said and done, our character is our fortune. It alone determines our destiny because of the soul lessons that are still required by us, at any given time. Does that make me a teller of fortunes, after all, whether I like it or not?

Be that as it may, astrology can help us find a better understanding of a great many things, including how the planetary energies affect our whole planet and every individual being on it. And there is nothing quite like it when it comes to finding the right time for doing things, especially for launching new projects. Besides, the progressions of the planets can give us valuable pointers of how far we have got on our evolutionary pathway during our present lifetime.

My interest in astrology, earlier in life, always had been as casual and as much of a joke, as is usual for anyone who is still unaware of its true nature. In those days, I used to read magazine and newspaper forecasts, the same as many do. I never gave any thought as to why and how things are as they are here on the Earth and how they might be influenced by higher and highest forces in the Universe. I would not have occurred to me to enquire where subjects like astrology have their origin, and I had no idea that there could be so much more to it! Until one fine day a friend told me that she had her chart done and that we was fascinated by how accurate and true to her character it was. ‘Hm!’ I thought: ‘Why don’t I have a go?’ So, I rung the man who had worked for her, but he was in the middle of moving house and could not oblige. Could I phone back in a fortnight?

As is the way of things, I was so busy and astrology had no kind of priority in my life then, I forgot about the whole thing until, some time later, I met a man who was said to be a brilliant astrologer. I asked him whether he was interested in doing my chart; he was. As I had no idea what to expect, I approached the matter with an open mind; that to me is the single most important ingredient upon encountering anything new. When my chart arrived, I was astonished how much this man seemed to know about me. After all, we had only chatted for no more than ten minutes and apart from my birth details he did not know anything about me.

Yet, in my chart he told me a great many things about myself which I was only vaguely aware of doing and some of my character traces, which although true at that time were still totally unfamiliar to me. Soon after he announced that he would be starting an astrology class and I was one of the first to enrol. I just had to find out how it is possible to know so much about people one has never met before and whom, by rights, one never needs to meet in person.

In the course that followed I learned the basics of astrology. The rest is self-taught, i.e. life itself has been and still is my most valuable teacher. All my writings are of an intuitive nature and I rely upon the guru within to know the way of all things and to show it to me. It did not take long until it became clear to me that there is a great deal more to astrology than meets they eye. I am glad to say that I am still learning something new with each passing day and that, to me, is the most interesting and fascinating aspect of the Divine science.

To benefit as much as possible from what is now before you, I recommend that you download and print out whatever is to your liking – hopefully all of it. You might later like to re-read what you have found and contemplate on it. You could then go into in the peace and quiet of your inner sanctuary to seek the help of your inner guide and the Angels, so that they can show you whether any of it is of value to you.

For those who are not very familiar with the use of computers I have designed some easy to follow tips for budding computer geeks. For easy access I have placed them as a separate item in this section.

With Love and Light,

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