The Decanates Or Decans Of The Signs

The decanates or decans divide each sign into three sections; they carry the name of the planet that rules them. 

The first 10 degrees of each sign are believed to be most emphatically of its own nature and are ruled by its own ruling planet. The next 10 degrees are sub-ruled by the planet that rules the next sign in the same triplicity, i.e. Fire, Air, Earth or Water. The final 10 degrees are sub-ruled by the last sign in that triplicity.

To give you an example of this, the decanates of the Earth sign Capricorn are ruled and sub-ruled as follows:

1st decanate 1-10 degrees by Saturn, Capricorn
2nd decanate 11-20 degrees by Venus, Taurus
3rd decanate 21-30 degrees by Mercury, Virgo.

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