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We shall now take a closer look at the astrological sign Pisces. Its glyph is two fishes that are tied together in the middle. One faces up and the other one down the great river of life. One fish represents the small earthly self, the personality in its incessant search for consciousness expanding experiences that help it to grow in wisdom and understanding. This fish cannot help pulling the other one, the human spirit and soul into life and down the river, as this is the only place where it is possible to acquire the desired qualities. Yearningly, the second fish looks up-stream in the direction of home. It has no other wish than that of finding its way safely back into the security and peace of being at one with its Source.

The resulting conflict between the two fishes can only be resolved when our earthly personality finally awakens to its true nature and then begins to make efforts to get in touch and make peace with the other part of our being, our spirit and soul. The only way of safely returning home is by together moving ever forwards and upwards, on the great wheel of life. This alone in the end can take us home into the oneness we are seeking.

Harmony between the two parts of our being and true soul progress are only possible when both parts learn to work together and pull in the same direction. The downwards facing personality fish needs to lovingly turn its face upstream and make an effort to understand, help and support its partner, the soul fish. Not being of the Earth plane, it quite obviously is struggling with coming to terms with this kind of life and why it has to be take part in it in the first place. When the two are co-operating with each other and our present lifetime’s journey comes to its end in the natural course of events, there will be no struggle. Both aspects of our being will be released happily and peacefully together. Human beings can only be truly strong when the aims of these two parts are no longer divided. Their joint efforts can take us home much more smoothly and rapidly.

It is hardly surprising that human souls in their earthly existence frequently suffer from severe bouts of homesickness, which is known as the Divine sickness of the soul. The intention behind such feelings is to guide our earthly personality into searching for a true home that nothing and nobody will ever be able to destroy and take away. The soul is our soft and sensitive feeling part of our being which in truth belongs to the higher and highest realms of life. That’s why it is frequently deeply unhappy with the harsh conditions of earthly life with its materialism, greed and selfishness, violence and cruelty. It has great difficulties coming to terms with such things and may often make us feel like needing to cry and sob. Yet, when our soul suffers for whatever reasons, especially the lack of understanding of its own small earthly self, our soul grows and the soul of our whole world expands with it.

To our small earthly self this is of precious little comfort. For a long time it just knows that something inside is hurting like hell and without it having any idea what in truth is bothering it so deeply. When this continues for long enough, our soul’s pain eventually manifests itself in various complaints of our physical body. Suppressing the pain with chemicals in the long run cannot do a great deal of good, because in itself it represents a message from our soul, who is trying to tell us something. It is for us to work out what that could be.

Yet, until we begin to seek healing for the underlying cause of our complaint(s), all our Highest or God self can do is look on with infinite wisdom and ineffable love. It has reason to smile because at long last its earthly counterpart has woken up from its spiritual slumbers and is beginning to fulfil the purpose of all its earthly sojourns, which is an ever growing awareness of God’s true nature and its own.

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