Suicide - A Permanent Solution To All Our Problems?

Rays of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Suicide - A Permanent Solution To All Our Problems?

I believe that all of us are responsible towards our Creator, whoever or whatever that may mean to us, for ourselves and the gift of life we have been granted. No-one will wave some kind of magic wand to take all our troubles away and come to save and redeem us. We alone can and indeed have to do this. Yet, to this day there are many in our world who fail to understand that the moment of death of the physical body is by no means the end of everything. We are not snuffed out like candles and the event of every passing from physicality is not followed by oblivion and the wiping out of our identity, but the world of spirit, our true home. Wider horizons open up when one becomes aware of humankind’s eternal nature and the spiritual background against which all life is constantly unfolding and evolving, not merely on the Earth plane but throughout the whole of Creation. This changes everything and one realises that suicide never yet presented anyone with a permanent way out of their troubles and that in truth suicide can only ever amount to an exceedingly temporary measure.

To me, life is an uninterrupted flow and an absolute continuum. In truth there is no such thing as death and that which on this plane by many is still considered to be death is but a transformation into a different lifestate. Realising this one wakes up to existing in a miraculous world and being here in truly amazing times. I believe that in spite of all the things that are still happening here, all’s well with our world and us. After all, there comes the time for every human soul when it slowly becomes aware of its own true nature. It then discovers that there is a great deal more to this life and us than meets they eye, for in reality each one of us is a spirit and soul, who has only temporarily been encased in matter. We ourselves and everybody else on this plane of life are many faceted jewels, whose true home is not on the Earth plane at all, but on the higher and highest spiritual dimensions of life. The same applies to all other lifeforms that can be observed on our planet and throughout the whole of the created world.

All life in the whole of Creation is subject to Universal laws, for simplicity’s sake let us call them God’s laws. The first one of them is the law of evolution. It demands from every human soul that in the fullness of time it needs to learn how to live in accordance with all Universal laws. Nothing that exists in the whole of Creation is exempt from this, including our whole world and us. Without fulfilling this duty no human spirit can ever hope to be released from its lessons on the Earth plane.

Each one of us who is presently in this life is on a slightly different evolutionary level from everybody else. This is how it comes about that in our world we find in all walks of life younger, less experienced souls, who have not yet been recycled that many times, as well as older and already more knowledgeable ones, who may have been round and round the wheel of life innumerable times. Like in any family, the younger members are meant to learn from their elder siblings.

For those who are at the moment involved in this process, just the same as it once did for those who came before them and are already familiar with it, lifetime after lifetime they will return to the Earth plane until they too have become spiritually mature enough to understand what this kind of existence is all about and why they are taking part in it. Until such times, because of their thus far limited perception, they are likely to insist that only that which can be weighed and measured does actually exist in our world. That’s all the earthly mind of any of us for a very long time can perceive and grasp, in spite of the fact that carefully hidden from our own view every human soul also possesses superconscious faculties. In the fullness of time, in each one of us it begins to come alive and we feel an ever increasing urge to go in search of spiritual wisdom and truth that will take us into better understanding of the purpose and meaning of life.

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