Christmas In Our Time

From 'Words And Prayers From Around Our World'

Celebrating the return of the Sun - The Sun beyond the Sun - Rays of Wisdom

Each time someone accepts the responsibility for
Every one of their thoughts, words and actions
And learns how to control and be in charge of them;
Each time one of us tune the receiver/transmitter station
Of their earthly mind into the frequencies of the Highest levels of life.

Each time the Christ spark comes alive
In yet another human heart and soul,
And the true Christ child is born,
Ceasing to be experienced as an icon and a legend,
But revealing its presence in such a person as
Friendliness and kindness, goodwill and tolerance
Towards all God’s creations, large and small, in all worlds.

When as a result ever more people of all nations
Throw away their weapons and make every
Effort to resolve their disputes in peaceful ways;
When they reach out for each other in friendship and love,
The soul of our world heaves a sigh of relief,
And God and the Angels rejoice and sing
That the long promised second coming
And with it the first true Christ-Mass
Is taking place on the Earth.
With that Christmas at last
Has found its real meaning.


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