A Thrill Of Hope

Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Transition - A Thrill Of Hope

O Holy Night,
The Christ Star is brightly shining
During the time of the true Saviour’s birth.
The blessing and healing power of Its rays are
Penetrating deeper and deeper into
The heart and soul of our world
And increasing numbers of human ones
Are responding by opening wide.

Long lay the world in sin and darkness pining,
But for some time the spiritual rebirth of humankind
Has been taking place.
Archangel Michael with His/Her golden sword
Of wisdom and truth keeps on touching our
False beliefs, prejudices and superstitions
And transmutes them into the light
Of God’s sacred wisdom and truth.

Fall on your knees, O hear the angels voices.
O night Divine,
O night when the true Christ child is born.
O night Divine, O night, O night Divine.

Led by the light of faith serenely beaming,
With glowing hearts by the cradle
In everybody’s own heart we stand.
And led by the Christ Star’s light sweetly gleaming,
Wise ones from the spirit realm are helping us
To understand the true meaning of the Christ child
And the symbolism behind the surface words of
The Jesus legend, that the child’s parents are
The Great Father/Mother of all life.
They are with us. Lovingly they are
Watching and assisting the child’s birth
In ever more human hearts,
Whose symbol is the manger and Bethlehem
Represents the whole of humankind.

The Angels and Masters around the throne of God
Are in charge of the development of us and our world.
They know the needs of everyone and,
As far as our Karma allows,
Are at all times doing their best to fulfil them.
Now they are providing us with the courage and strength
Every one of us needs for the mastering of
The desires of their lower earthly nature
Through bringing forth,
From deep within our own being,
The qualities of our Christ nature.

Glory be to our world’s true King And Queen
And their only born Son/Daughter,
The spirit of the Universal Christ,
The Light of all lights and Sun of all suns.
Before them we kneel in adoration,
Giving thanks and praise for allowing us to know that:
The Divine law is love and its gospel peace;
Everybody is our sibling
In the vast family of humankind;
When we love and forgive each other,
The karmic chains and shackles dissolve.
We ourselves created them during past lifetimes
When we were ignorant of our true nature and did not know
About the presence of God’s Universal laws.

The knowledge of these things takes our world
Forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life
Into the new golden age when slavery and oppression,
Warmongering, violence and strife are no longer known.
And that’s why  songs of joy and peace,
Faith and trust are now flowing from our hearts and soul,
As we praise and give thanks to the Divine Trinity’s
Sacred name.

Each time another one of us becomes aware of their real nature
And starts conducting their life in keeping with this knowledge,
Another Christ child is born in Bethlehem.

Adolphe Charles Adam
Adapted for our time by Aquarius

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Adolphe Charles Adam
Adapted for our time by Aquarius

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