The Sins Of The World

St. John 1:29 tells us: ‘The next day John saw Jesus coming to him and he said: ‘Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.’ At the time this was written we were not to know that the Lamb of God refers to the process of cleansing and purifying described in the previous chapter, which every soul on its way back home into the oneness with God must undergo. The Lamb of God is a symbolism for an inner development that belongs to the esoteric realms of the psyche, which is now increasingly taking place in individual souls, as well as that of our whole world. Because this is a matter of inner expansion, it could never have been carried out by outside forces.

At our entry into the Aquarian Age ever more of us are not only ready to receive the knowledge of the true meaning of many of the biblical terms, including this one, they are also willing to get to work on themselves. The sins of the world are the residues of the soul’s memories of the painful and traumatic experiences of all lifetimes. On top of that many false beliefs and prejudices of the past still linger in our consciousness and are now knocking at its door, asking to be dealt with and released. Such things are ballast from the past that is stored in our subconscious and is now weighing us down. Until they have been worked through and released, they will keep our consciousness tied to the Earth plane. They threaten to seriously delay our spiritual progress and stop our soul from fully growing its spiritual wings and taking to them, which is everybody’s birthright.

From the evolutionary level we and our world have reached by now, it is not hard to see that this cleansing process could never have been carried out on anyone’s behalf by the Master Jesus, even if there ever had been such a person or someone like him. According to the legend of his life he once walked in our midst to act as a wayfinder and to become the beloved teacher and guide of many. This story came into being to demonstrate to humankind how Master souls are required to conduct their lives on the Earth plane.

Each one of us eventually has to surrender our lower animal self to our Highest or God Self. To grow into one of the lambs of God it is necessary to walk in the footsteps of such a Master soul until one fine day we too are worthy of being called a Lamb of God. But even if Jesus had ever existed in physicality, the history of our world in the two thousand years since the appearance of his legend, to my mind, are abundant proof that the sins of the world are not going to be taken from anyone through an exterior medium.

No spiritual teachers, especially the highest and most advanced ones, would dream of doing this for anyone, as they are aware of the true purpose and the requirements of the evolutionary spiral of all human development, including their own. No matter how much a soul may twist and wriggle and try to find an escape route in this, that or the other religion or philosophy of our world, these requirements cannot be avoided by anyone.

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