The 'Inside' And 'Outside' Of The Universe

From ‘The Milk Is White’ by Ian Gardner
By the author's kind permission.

Rays Of Wisdom - War And Peace Among Nations - The Inside And Outside Of The UniverseThis essay reached me many years after my Creation story first came into being: ‘The Universe consists, primarily, of particles of energy. They coalesce to form progressively denser matter from energy fields to rocks, planets, stars and so forth. These primary particles are dimensional and, because all other matter is comprised of them, and the Universe is comprised of this matter, the Universe is dimensional. As anything with dimensions has external limits the Universe has external limits. It is, therefore, not infinite. However, what is ‘outside’ the Universe? Stillness – ‘nothing’, as we know it. That stillness or nothing is ‘Thought’, ‘an intelligence’, or Spirit. It is non-dimensional and timeless, i.e. not of time and space. It is Peace and the essence of Love – an indescribable, all pervasive Love – something that can only be experienced.

‘In the realm of matter, motion and, therefore, time, that which exists as it does ‘outside’ the Universe is thought or spirit, which is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Omnipresent because everything and everyone on this Earth and in this Universe is composed of Spirit  and, therefore, Spirit is present everywhere; omniscient because Spirit, having created everything knows everything; and omnipotent because it is Its creative power (thought) which created everything and set in motion the principle of birth and death/creation and destruction which governs all matter. This Spirit is called The Great Spirit or God, or whatever, according to one’s choice.

‘Thought, as we usually know it, is a force; a force that is not subject to time and space. In reality there is no ‘inside’ and ‘outside’. Spirit pervades everything and is everything, including that which comprises us both in our Spirit and physical forms. There is no separation, no duality,  all is, in fact, One. It is only in our state of  ‘mind’ and our state of being at present that there is separation or duality.

‘One way to attempt to conceptualise this oneness is to look at a sheet of graph paper of 1 mm grid (a sheet with a mixed grid is not as illustrative). Select any number of sections of this grid as a unit. These may be one within another, separate, overlapping, any shape etc. No matter what you select, or how many, they are all an intrinsic part of the whole – of the one. Now, to complicate matters even further visualise that sheet folded, scrolled or otherwise altered from its two dimensions and you will get an idea of the complexity of the relationship of one with any other.’

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