The Divine Healing Enzyme

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The rays of God’s White healing magic act like an enzyme that enters our bloodstream and brings healing to those parts of our being that are in need of it. These rays have the power of sending directions to the cells of our physical body to replace the ones that are damaged and diseased, and to reshape distorted ones, so they become perfect once more. Our physical body is a self-perpetuating organism that up to now has received its instructions through our subconscious mind. But when we take charge of our whole being, we need to hand it over to God and the Angels, so they can attend to this task.

Many in earthly life to this day believe that although immortality is something wonderful it is a dream that cannot come to fulfilment for human beings. But each one of us is a spiritual being of light, a beloved child of God, a spark of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life and a young God in the making. We need not seek immortality because the essence of our being is spirit and soul and they are immortal and can never die.

The life of our small earthly selves is greatly restricted and hampered for as long as we are unaware of this. If we knew, who in their right senses would want to continue remaining trapped in this existence, when we could be enjoying the greater freedom, beauty and happiness of the spirit realms, our true home? For any human being this cannot happen until Earth life can no longer teach us anything. But what we can do in our mediations, while we are still here, is re-establishing our inner connection and through this once more entering into the conscious loving union with the One.

At the beginning of each earthly lifetime our spirit and soul enter into a new physical body for the purpose of learning from experiences that help to expand our consciousness through the tests and trials that are constantly rearing their heads in the world of matter. The ultimate purpose of every human being’s earthly education is to evolve into a seeker of wisdom and truth. Each is required to develop their own version of God’s sacred wisdom and truth and that cannot be found in books, but has to be brought forth from deep within us. The more our vibrations change into those of wisdom and understanding, kindness, compassion and love, the more we are at one with our Creator.

Many healers these days are familiar with the healing process. Each time they lay their hands on someone, the Divine healing energy flows through them and tries to activate the recipient’s healing enzyme. On every occasion of doing this, wise ones call upon the Highest Forces of life and ask for God’s blessing and healing energy to flow through them into those who are in need of it. The Jesus legend provides us with several demonstrations of how the Universal Christ has always brought healing to those who were walking the Earth an any given time. And S/He has even greater miracles in store for all His/Her children of the Earth than those described in the legend.

The Highest Self of every human being is in command of its earthly counterpart. It is working together with God and the Angels and they know everyone’s Karma and when the time is right for healing to take place and when not. This authority together with the Lords of Karma decide whether healing should take place at that moment or whether it needs to be delayed until some more of the patient’s karmic debts have been paid. This could either be later during their present lifetime or in the course of a future one. It has to be born in mind that we are the ones who, together with the wise ones in charge of us, decide long before entering into another earthly lifetime which pathway is going be the most beneficial, i.e. where as much spiritual progress as possible can be achieved.

That is why some of us are spending entire lifetimes that are filled with enduring physical pain, disabilities and/or other hardships. This is because healing can only take place when our Karma has been sufficiently redeemed through our suffering. So, even if the sufferer’s Highest Self’s answer is ‘no’ to your healing efforts, the love and kindness you give to them will never be wasted. Their vibrations come together with God’s healing energy and assist your patient to bear their cross with more fortitude, courage and patience. If their time for passing into the world of light has come, they will be able to let go of earthly life more easily.

If you are an aspiring healer, use the knowledge you are finding here first on yourself, to familiarise yourself with its use. Watch what happens throughout your whole being when the Divine healing enzyme within you is activated. Only when you have progressed sufficiently with your own healing process should you try to help others. Unless the receiver/transmitter station of your earthly mind is tuned into the frequencies of the highest level of life and you are working under the guidance and protection of God and the Angels, the other person’s enzyme fails to activate. Although this is not dangerous it renders our treatment ineffective.

Handle the spiritual knowledge that is coming your way with the love and respect it deserves. Only when your inner guidance tells you that something is true, take it on board and make it your property by working with it in every one of your encounters. This is the only way it can sink into your consciousness and become yours.

May the blessing and healing power of God’s sacred white healing magic flow from your loving heart into the whole of humankind, our world and all lifeforms that are sharing it with us. And whatever you do, strive to unselfishly give of your best for the highest good and the greatest joy of all and share what you have with anyone who is in need of it. This helps to bring forth, from deep within your own being, the highest and best qualities of your own Christ nature. That way you will always be as good a person as you can be and with the help of the living God within you love with your whole being, heart and mind, spirit and soul everything that exists in the whole of Creation.

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