Shaking Off The Yoke Of The Patriarchy

Rays Of Wisdom – War And Peace Between Nations – The Patriarchy And Warfare Through The Ages – Shaking Off The Yoke Of The PatriarchyAll human beings, males and females alike, are somehow specially gifted. In the course of our long evolutionary journey we sometimes appear as a woman and on other occasions as a man. Each one of them serves the further development of these talents. The capable way ever more women these days are handling the power entrusted into their care is more easily understood when one bears this in mind. Each one of them is sure to have spent many past lives in preparation of the work they are doing in this one. That’s why increasing numbers of women are seizing their opportunities for displaying and practising their inborn talents, i.e. the ones they brought with them. It applies to all of us that every one of our previous lifetimes has been a preparation for what we are presently doing.

Now that women are increasingly taking over the role of rightful equal partners of the masculine powers of our world and with this are shaking off the yoke of the patriarchy’s male supremacy, there surely is hope for us and our world. The more the balance between the feminine and masculine forces as well as the material and spiritual aspects of life is being restored, the closer we are coming to the final goal of a peaceful world.

Just as I was getting this latest part of my jottings ready for presenting to the public it was announced that the United Kingdom has its second woman prime minister, Theresa May. As I do not have her time of birth, it’s impossible to establish in which sign her ascendant is and in which houses the planets of her birthchart are. However, from the details I do have I can tell you reliably that Mrs May is a very different personality from Mrs Thatcher, our previous woman head of state, who was a Sun Libra with her Moon in Leo and Scorpio ascending. In her time Mrs Thatcher was as much the right woman to take the helm as Mrs May is in ours.

Mrs May was born 1st October 1956. She is fifty-nine now and has just about completed her second Saturn Return. We shall return to what this means in the next chapter. Mrs May’s Sun is in Libra, the sign of the peacemaker and having been born on the first day of October reveals that she has excellent leader qualities and that twice over. 1 = the Sun, planetary ruler of Leo, the leader. 10 = 1 ditto.

Mrs May’s Mercury, Moon and Jupiter are in Virgo and this reveals an inborn need for serving humbly and the capability to meticulously attend to any task before her. It is likely that her main motive for becoming a politician was her wish to serve her country and its people. Her destiny number 1 + 10 + 1956 = 23 = 2 + 3 = 5 Virgo confirms that this is indeed her predestined pathway.

Mrs May became British Prime Minister at an extremely difficult time. There is no doubt in my mind that, in keeping with the rebellious spirit of the Aquarian Age, she will steer the boat of our country successfully through the process of freeing it from the oppression of the Brussels bureaucracy and shaking off its yoke. I believe that Mrs May is just the right person for this job. Britain’s course of action is an expression of the spirit or Zeitgeist of our times in response to the Aquarian energies. Therefore, it would not be at all surprising if other countries followed our example and one by one did their share of relieving the remaining countries of the burden of acting as paymasters for the over-elaborate Union’s institutions.

Instead of trying to make all countries subject to the same rules and regulations, which are highly unpopular and clearly are not going to be followed much longer by everybody, we shall be enjoying the rich variety of national characteristics of the European countries in which many other parts of our world have their roots. Within the framework of the new European Union that will emerge in due course, every country will have regained its autonomy, the right to rule itself and make its own decisions, especially when it comes to deciding on the level of taxation it requires.

Meanwhile in the USA Mrs Hillary Clinton has been nominated officially as one of the candidates for the forthcoming presidential elections. Mrs Clinton was born 26.10.1947, a Sun Scorpio and a very strong one at that. Her Sun, Venus, Mercury and Chiron are in this sign and Jupiter exactly on cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius. Her Moon in Pisces and because I do not have her time of birth, the same applies as to Mrs May. Still her birthchart tells me that she is a formidable woman who may very well be just right to take over the presidency at this difficult time of our world’s development.

If Mrs Clinton got involved in some of the shadier aspects of her profession as a politician, let no-one hold it against her. Of the three women we are concerned with here, as a Sun Scorpio she has the most demanding pathway to walk and it goes for her, the same as everybody else, that without experiencing the darkness we cannot know the light. Scorpio has three levels of consciousness and it will be interesting to observe whether Mrs Clinton will be able to reach the highest one during her political career. The first level is the Scorpion who enjoys hurting and wounding others, but in the end stings itself to death.

The symbol of the second level is the Eagle, which represents the Spirit Self. Under its wings the human soul’s Earth-bound spirit needs to learn to rise above that plane on the eagle’s mighty wings. It may take a long time until the earthly self eventually lifts itself above the concerns of the Earth and, like the eagle, flies higher and nearer to the Eternal spiritual Sun than any other creature on Earth. For another very extensive period, the human eagle is likely to behave like the lower form of the eagle, a bird of prey with an exceedingly cruel beak and claws to match.

When the human eagle has gathered sufficient experiences of using them to serve its own selfish purposes, it crash lands. The eagle must die and transform itself the dove, the Dove of Peace. This is the sign’s third and final evolutionary phase which is crucial for the soul on its pathway to perfection. At last, the Scorpio spirit rises triumphantly from the smouldering ashes of what once was its life, to willingly and unselfishly, meekly and mildly serve as a channel of blessing and healing between God and all life.

Another remarkable woman is Angela Merkel, born 17.7.1954, a Cancerian. Her Sun conjunct Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury in this sign shows that she is strongly under the influence of its energies. Before we go any further, we shall take a closer look at the day of her birth, never mind the month and year. It’s astonishing how much the day alone can reveal about us and our inner motivations, frequently more than can be gleaned from our birthcharts.

1 + 7 = 8. 1 = the Sun, planetary ruler of Leo. The Sun in our birthchart represents our Highest spirit self who is constantly trying to pull us, its earthly counterpart, forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

7 = Neptune, planetary ruler of Pisces, the sign of Karma and the soul. The energies of the 7 and Neptune provide us with the ability to dream and during lifetimes in Cancer we learn to appreciate the value of home, mother and roots, physical and spiritual ones. When the Berlin wall came down, Mrs Merkel was dreaming of a reunited Germany and the restoration of her part of the country. Born 17.7.1954, her destiny number is 1 + 7 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 4 = 34 = 3 + 4 = 7. This increases the strength of the Neptunian energies available to her considerably and with this the creative power of her dreams.

8 = Saturn, planetary ruler of Capricorn. For highly evolved souls this is the sign in which their highest potential can be fulfilled. Mrs Merkel is known to be ambitious and extremely hard working. During her time as a student she always wanted to be best at everything. She has a brilliant mind that must have taken many lifetimes of practising and honing in preparation for the task that has been assigned to her this time round. To enable her to carry it out, all her gifts are coming together and she is making the best possible use of them through working for the benefit of the greater whole.

Before becoming politically involved, Mrs Merkel was a research scientist, she has a PhD in this field. At the beginning of her political career, the influence of the Saturnian energies provided Mrs Merkel with the strength and determination to overcome her natural shyness. That cannot have been easy because on the whole Cancerians are shy people. After all, they are ruled by the Moon who only comes out at night and does not reveal its secrets easily. It does not like the light of day and shies away from the merciless limelight of public life. However, the love for her country and fellow citizens was more powerful in Mrs Merkel. It gained the upper hand and pushed her forwards onto the political scene. And so, in truly Saturnian manner she rolled up her sleeves – metaphorically speaking – and ever since then has been working extremely hard to bring her dream down to Earth and to make it into a reality.

Mrs Merkel is a devout Christian who was brought up in the Protestant tradition. She does walk her talk and conducts her life in keeping with the principles of the Universal Christ’s spirit, who speaks to us through the Jesus legend. Her Christ nature shines as a bright light on the often murky political stage of our world and provides an example that all of us can follow. That no doubt is why the Universal Forces rewarded Mrs Merkel with the role of the leader of the united Germany.

She is Germany’s first woman chancellor, the country’s official head of state. She has been holding this office since the year 2005 and is known for her honesty, sincerity and integrity. She has a great aptitude for organising and solving problems, great and small ones alike, and for finding sensible compromises when the need for them arises. All these things have made her into one of the most influential people, never mind women, of our world.

 The energies of planetary conjunctions on the inner level work as one. The Sun and Uranus conjunction in Mrs Merkel’s birthchart means that she is a Sun Cancerian as well as an Aquarian. She most certainly is a woman for our time and her Moon in Aquarius adds some more strength to it. Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother and Uranus represent the voice of God and Mrs Merkel is strongly under the influence of both. The Great Mother’s wisdom and love are acting and speaking through her.

As a Sun Cancerian Mrs Merkel has her finger on the pulse or rather on the emotions of the mass of people and can sense what they are feeling. Does she have the guts to respond was that are right for our world now? I hope so. The coming three years or so for the European Union are going to be a good time for making some long-term plans, which with the application and perseverance of all involved are sure to work out well in the end.

If you want to get to know a Cancerian, look at their Moon sign. Mrs Merkel’s Moon in Aquarius reveals the humanitarian who sees all people as equals. Here we find the motivation for her stubborn insistence of Germany’s immigration program. As mentioned earlier, during lifetimes spent in Cancer we learn to appreciate the value of home, mother and roots. If we had the power to supply them for everybody, this is what we would do and that’s the reason why Mrs Merkel’s heart is wide open to the refugee problems of our time.

Every woman who steps forward to take her rightful place as an equal partner of men, doing her best to make our world into a better and more peaceful place for everybody, is making a valuable contribution to restoring the balance of our world. Each one of these women is a manifestation of the Great Mother and living proof that Her wisdom and love are indeed returning to us. How much more evidence could anyone want that the great plan of life is unfolding as it should and that all is well with us and our world?

So, let’s rejoice and celebrate, and willingly and happily do whatever is within our power to make our world a better and more peaceful place. This will ensure that, when we ourselves return to the Earth in future lifetimes, we shall find such a place waiting for us and for those who will then be our children and children’s children.

For a better understanding of the forces and energies motivating the three women and the direction their Highest Self is intuitively guiding them, I recommend the reading of my interpretations of their Sun and Moon signs. I have placed them in the order of their Sun sign’s appearance in the zodiac.

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