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Rays Of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files Special Events - The Christ Moon Part Two - The Body Of ChristThe Sun in our birthchart represents the pull of our Highest Self, the Christ Spirit, who is constantly moving us forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. Even the meanest and lowest of us carries Its spark deep within the core of their being. From the moment of our first release into earthly life, the spirit of the Christ has been calling us back home into its loving embrace. It has never left us and this is especially true during our most traumatic encounters. On the command of the Divine the Angels are there to support and steer us through them. The homewards pull is particularly strong in the approach to, during and after the Christ Moon festival, because it is followed by the Sun’s entry into Cancer, the mothering and nurturing sign of the zodiac. This is the sign in which we learn to appreciate the value of home and mother, traditions and roots.

In the year 2016 the Christ Moon takes place less than twelve hours before the Sun moves into Cancer and the Summer Solstice is with us. This multiplies the pulling power of the two forces involved by much more than two. I read this as a sign that the Universe with all its might is trying to awaken as many of us as possible into the conscious awareness of our true nature. Not one single race but all of us together are God’s chosen people. We are part of the Universal Christ’s body. And to assist our race’s evolutionary progress, with the help of the many myths and legends that appeared in our world throughout the ages, the Angels around the throne of the Highest, the Christ Circle, slowly but surely brought us closer to God’s wisdom and truth.

The great plan of life provides that this should continue until every last human soul on the Earth plane understands who and what God truly is and that each and every one of us is a young God in the making. Comprehending the hidden esoteric meaning of the stories and parable of the Jesus legend, rather than taking every word of them as literally true and based on historical facts, is the last but one hurdle that to this day has to be overcome by many earthlings.

The final and even more difficult obstacle is the total surrender to God. For a long time our earthly selves had their own way – at least that’s what we thought. See the links for ‘Free Will’ and ‘The Fear Of Annihilation’ at the end of this chapter. During first part of our earthly development we are wilful and selfish creatures who wish to please themselves most of the time. There are those who indulge in atrocious behaviour. They may even be proud of what they are doing and thinking they are getting away with it. Oh dear! If only they knew what they are calling towards themselves in coming lifetimes. Read more about this in ‘Human Behaviour Is Chosen’.

Studying our lowest character traces at the giving and receiving end in as many lifetimes as this may take, is part of the curriculum of the initial stage of our earthly education. The early lifetimes keep us occupied experiencing ourselves and those around us as jealous, greedy and avaricious beings. That’s why it is not surprising that more than traces of these qualities exist everywhere in our world. Because of this large parts of humankind are struggling with the concept of total surrender to God and would not dream of living in ways that do justice to this the ultimate demand of the Highest. See the link for ‘The Lamb Of God’.

But we all eventually reach the point when we understand the laws of the Universe and how they affect all life throughout the whole of Creation, including ours. Because they make a great deal of sense to us, of our own free will we make every effort to conduct our life strictly in keeping with these laws. As soon as we willingly follow the instructions we receive from our Highest Self’s, our consciousness absorbs ever more of Its energies. The more we express our Christ Self, the more we become one with the Universal Christ.

To enter us into this elevated state it is not enough to merely go to church on Sundays and there superficially confirm that we believe there is a God. Our whole being needs to fill itself completely with the desire to follow the instructions intuitively received from our inner guidance, the living God within. In this process we become ever more at one with the Christ Spirit, our God or Highest Self, the only one who can dissolve the shadows of the past and transmute them into blessing and healing energies for all life. With the help of these energies the karmic ties and shackles of all our relationships, even the most demanding ones we brought with us into this lifetime, are waiting to be transformed into bonds of love and friendship.

These potent expressions of the Christ energies are also flowing into our whole world on other occasions, for example during the Wesak Moon and Festival, as well as the Summer and Winter Solstices or the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes. It makes no difference whether we live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. The Christ’s blessing and healing energies simultaneously reach and influence all life on our planet equally strongly. The reversal of the seasons in the hemispheres does not interfere with their flow.

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