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The needs of our world are countless,
But none is greater than the one for seeking
The assistance of the spirit’s power,
To raise our vision above that which to this day
Appears to be sordid and squalid in our world.
On the wings of God’s sacred wisdom and truth
We can lift ourselves above these things
And perceive the greater picture.
This enables us to see that, in the fullness of time,
Everything that is still is ugly and wrong on our planet
Will be made beautiful and right.

The human spirit requires something to live for
And reach heavenwards to something that lies
Beyond our ordinary perception,
Instead of peering into the abyss.
We are here to learn how to look inwards,
To find the answers to all our questions
And to make the changes our world requires,
Rather than waiting for others
To do these things for us.
This alone can turn humankind’s instinct
For pursuing purely selfish desires and dreams
Into a victorious and unselfish serving of all life.

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
Edited by Aquarius

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