How To Attract More Love

Healing Abusive Relationships

Part C

Rays of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing - How To Attract More LoveFor those who want to turn the tide of their fortunes and attract more loving relationships into their lives, whilst not shying away from seriously and honestly working on their character make-up, it is essential to know that the world around us acts like a mirror that constantly reflects what we are on the inner level of life into our environment, especially through our relationships. We are magnetic creatures who can only draw into our lives what we ourselves have developed thus far.

This is why, before we can hope to draw the person of our dreams into our life, we ourselves first have to change our energies and become like the one we are dreaming of. Any true changes in our world can only be made through everybody’s own willingness to first change their own inner attitudes and perceptions. This alone can create the change of energies we are seeking. And for each one of us our present lifetime is quite literally a Heaven-sent opportunity for growing in wisdom and understanding, and for learning to love the way our Creator loves us, wisely, totally and unconditionally.

In the course of many lifetimes, all together we created every bit of the suffering and evil that ever was in our world and remains to this day. The last thing I want is to send anyone, including myself, on unnecessary guilt-trips. Yet, nothing can change the fact that we are all responsible for the state of our world. All of us have taken part in creating it and are therefore equally involved and responsible for repairing any damage that has been created by us along the way. Instead of wasting our times on guilt-trips and/or a fault-finding missions, with ourselves and others, we are far better advised to work on finding forgiveness for ourselves and everybody else, then rolling up our sleeves and get to work on doing our share of blessing and healing ourselves, each other and our world.

More than anything else, our present lifetime is a quest for truth and the development of the inner vision of what is good and right now, and not thirty, three hundred or maybe even three thousand years ago. My role in this process I do not see as one who causes controversy, but as a mediator of understanding and a maker of peace. I am a Sun Libra, the sign of relationships and of peacemaking. Doing so, I am responding to and being true to the pull of the same spirit that is willing to guide each one of us from within, onto ever higher levels of existence – if we but listen. Libra is one of the Air signs and those born into them can find fulfilment of their highest potential through siblinghood in action. Healing all relationships and through this doing my share of creating peace in our world – one with the help of the other – is a concern very dear to my heart.

Serving the Highest needs to be approached with true humility, the greatest virtue that can be attained in earthly life. As our evolutionary journey approaches its end, it quite naturally becomes the keynote of our life. We then find fulfilment by freely, willingly and unselfishly sharing our gifts and by rising above the earthly self’s desires for fame, glory and self-aggrandisement. To spiritually become someone, we first have to be willing to be nothing and let go of and surrender the ego drive of  our small self and follow the guidance and aspirations of our Highest or God Self instead.

When our whole being has consciously reunited with It, the way we once were before Earth life was created and humankind’s lack of vision slowly but surely distorted the picture and smudged it ever more, we have no longer any need for appearing to be something on the Earth plane. The temporary earthly glories, honours and fat bank accounts are as nothing compared to the value of the eternal gift of knowing that on the inner level there is no separation and all is one, and that once again we are one with God and the whole of Creation, thus fulfilling the true purpose of our existence.

Each one of us is a spark of the Christ Spirit, our Highest or God Self. This is the part of us that is Divine. It is all love and wisdom and knows the way of all things. It dwells, though initially merely in seed form, deep within every human soul. Every small effort we make to connect with it brings us closer to God, but this does not happen by thinking about it. The presence of the Divine in our heart and soul is a feeling that reaches beyond all thought.

Through the world of our feelings we enter into the awareness of God’s enfolding love, the strengthening and upholding power that dwells deep within everyone’s own being and links our spirits with the consciousness of the Cosmos and its centre of truth. Our connection with it can only be sensed and felt when the thoughts and the emotions of our small earthly self have been stilled. That is the only way God and the centre of wisdom and truth can be found. That’s why the Psalm 46:10 tells us: ‘Be still, and know that I am God. I will be praised among the nations and exalted on the Earth.’

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