Our World Needs You

Our World Needs You - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Hope for Comfort & Healing

Our world needs you,
More than you will ever know
Or presently can imagine.
Our world needs your talents
Of compassion and understanding,
And the ability of speaking and listening,
Feeling and acting in positive and constructive ways.

As you have gifts that have taken
Many lifetimes to develop
And which you alone can give,
Your time for holding back is over.
For you the time has passed
For believing that you are not good,
Ready and wise enough.

You have run out of excuses and
Have exhausted the reasons why you cannot act
In keeping with the guidance you receive
From your Highest or God Self,
The wise one and living God within.
You have reached the evolutionary point
When you need to walk your talk
And have the courage to be the one
You are truly meant to be.

You have risen from the dead.
Your usual distractions no longer interest you.
Your strategies for staying small
And your resistance to the inner calling of
Your small still voice of conscience to wake up
From your spiritual slumber has faded away.

In the great circle of life there has always been a space for you,
Since before time on the Earth plane began.
Throughout the wanderings and explorations
Of all your lifetimes up to now,
A special task and a role have been waiting for you.
A pair of shoes is ready which no-one else can fill,
Because they were made especially for you.

Before you entered your present lifetime,
You agreed to wear them,
As soon as you would be ready to step into them
And occupy your rightful place
In the vast circle of life.
The time for this is now
And the Universe’s signals to you are:
Getting bored with endless time spent in
Self-absorption and self-reflection.
Your whole being is filling ever more with a great urgency
To leave behind mundane pastimes and ordinary jobs,
For you want to get on with the work
You really have come to do
So you can fulfil your highest potential
Of walking the Earth as a true daughter/son
Of the living God, doing your share
Of making it a more agreeable place for all.  

These things are stirring inside you, because
Your Highest Self knows that for you the time is right,
And is telling you that our world needs you,
That you have become sufficiently evolved to bring forth
Your Divine characteristics
From within the very core of your own being,
So that your true self  may shine through.

You are ready to play the role that has been waiting for you
For so long and every moment of delay
Widens the hole of your absence
In the great web of humankind’s evolutionary plan.
You are one of its essential participants.
Without you God’s Creation is incomplete and

The tools for restoring global harmony and peace
The Universe is placing into the palms of everybody’s hands.

Planetary peace cannot be attained
Without each one of us playing their part,
And that with all our hearts, minds, bodies, spirits and souls.
No-one else can pick up the ball of destiny
That rests in front of everyone’s feet.
And that is why I say to you:
‘Our world needs you and it does so now,
More than you will ever be able to imagine.’

Rachel Snyder
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

White Eagle Monday Thought 25.3.2013:  ‘In your minds hold fast to the realisation of God’s light and life, so it can manifest through you and your world. Every individual human soul is of the greatest importance. The perfect expression of God through each one of you can touch countless lives. No-one is valueless. Every soul is of the utmost value because it is potentially a receiver and transmitter station, a reflector and a channel of God’s light through whom every other soul it encounters and many others unseen and unknown can be reached and illuminated. This is the message of Easter and the resurrection. May the God of love, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, bless each one of you and through you renew and heal humankind’s waiting heart and soul with Its breath of life.’

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